The erosion of our educational system is setting America and its cousins, like Canada, on a death spiral. The future is not going to be in street slang, or in Spanish, or in short code texting, but in mathematics and sciences.  Though we are getting by with our current 100-year-old educational system, radical changes are demanded as we face an “exponential” future filled with rapid and radical changes.

To glimpse the future, one just has to listen to the exploits and vision provided by the X PRIZE Foundation founder Peter Diamondis, futurist and exponential thinker. His insight into the future demands that we master problem-solving and one its it tools, mathematics and sciences.

The following NEAR-FUTURE list was gleaned from lectures of Peter Diamondis:See Note 1

  • Genome Sequencing in a matter of weeks instead of months and years.
  • Putting economical, privately-owned, robots on the moon.
  • Futuristic cars which are far more efficient, faster, and safer.
  • Exploration of the oceans, going deeper, mapping the bottom, recovering resources from the bottom of the deepest trenches.
  • Autonomous vehicles that can drive across the nation.
  • Carbon capture technology.
  • Bionic limbs and other devices to give mobility to those affected by paralysis.
  • Technology that interfaces with the brain and can transmit data from the brain to the computer to someone else’s brain.
  • Computerized diagnostics, remote diagnostics, in medicine.
  • Mining of asteroids as resource materials for building on other planets.
  • Beaming power from earth to outer space to permit vehicles to tap into almost unlimited power form the grid.
  • Expanding portable clean water filtering technology.

I will add a suggestion I heard from an investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, “Ion engines that will allow humans to travel to Mars in 3 days.”

So, better get your kids and grand kids to qualify for future jobs in:







Ask yourself if YOU are ready and if you have adequately prepared your kids and grand kids, despite the downfall and handicaps imposed on students by our educational system?


  1. PETER DIAMONIDIS: Dr. Peter Diamandis, co-Founder & Chairman of the Singularity University, that counsels the world’s top companies on using “exponential” thinking. He is also the Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation to drive audacious, radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. [ To learn more about the X PRIZE FOUNDATION, click here.  ]