Job hunting is tough. More difficult today than at any other time since the last depression.  The job hunting roads are dusty, dirty, muddy, and the day is overcast on the best days. But sometimes a reality can be reshaped to make it your reality if you apply vision, creativity and a bit of gumption. Here’s another idea to add to your job-searching techniques: company “News” web pages.

Befor we get to company news pages…I want to remind you I have yet to hear of a magical “bullet” to landing a new job. Nobody has written to tell me they ever found one. Job-searching is tough, hard work. Requires 12-hour job-seeking days with no slacking. And you have to be constantly checking, without let up, the obvious job sources such as:

  • MONSTER,  and LINKEDIN, and all the others like these meta sites
  • specialty publications related to your skill sets
  • your contact network
  • if you are a student check with on-campus job postings, job counselors, and anything else related to helping you get a job

But sometimes companies have postings on their own websites that you may not see advertised on the meta job websites. So, I strongly urge you to examine company web pages, too.

When you visit company web pages, I know you will be looking for “Careers”. That’s almost a no-brainer.  NOW, I want to encourage you to act a bit more like a detective and also check out the company’s “News” web pages, too.

When you visit the career page of their website, ask yourself these critical questions:

  1. Am I suited, (skills, academic, experience), to applying for the job advertised in their career pages?
  2. If this job is  being advertised, will it likely create an opening in their company for another job?
  3. Is this company progressive to the point that if I insist on an interview, they will see your skills as superior to someone else’s and therefore possibly consider a re-organization not otherwise considered, which may create a job opportunity for you?
  4. Are there other companies which may have a similar job opportunity to this?

When you visit the NEWS pages of their website, ask yourself TWO QUESTIONS:

  1. Does this announcement of their new product or research offer any possibility for you to play a role at their company? With your skill set, you may be able to convince them that you can help their company go farther, faster, more effectively if you were able to join their team.
  2. Does this announcement suggest opportunities for other companies, possibly other research or implementation opportunities further along in the chain between research and implementation of a finished product? This means you will have to read and think carefully about the likely future prospects this announcement may create and then to position yourself along the roll out chain in anticipation of a new function being created around or because of this technological breakthrough.

Here are just a few tidbits from IBM news pages:

  • MRSA, a potential serious problem for gym goers, hospitals, and parents of school children. Scientists at IBM Research crack the code for safely destroying the bacteria.
  • Nanorods take down counterfeiters– IBM scientists create nano-sized patterns to thwart forgeries.
  • Scientists discovered a new class of polymers: resists cracking, stronger, REFORMS–SELF-HEALING, and completely recyclable…ultra strong and lightweight.

Now think carefully about what your skills can do, or how you can create a function that leverages your skills. Think about this particular company and also think along the potential roll out chain. What’s this breakthrough good for? Who will use it? How will it be used? Do they need more research that you may be able to do for them? Do they need an educator to help roll this out, or, when rolled out, to teach it to institutions or to key customers?  Can you help discover a company which might benefit from such a product? Is that company aware of this and does that company know how to integrate it into their operations? Do you get the picture, yet?

You might be able to make it a sunny day again. Put on plenty of sun screen. Don a wide-brimmed hat and a good pair of sunglasses. Smile. And get marching along your own yellow brick road.

Here is a smattering of links you can check out…there are thousands and thousands of companies on the internet. GET BUSY.