As a male, I’ve always known there was something special about women. Recent comments by a mass behavioral expert confirms my suspicion.

Since 2010, according to Howard Bloom, 22 million American young adults are living with their parents. Why?  Bloom suggests, “Due to money and men. Average USA houshold income has declined since 1999 so there is no longer sufficient money to move out of the parent’s home. The other money related issue is student debt in America which now averages $27,000 average upon graduation. In 2010:–the majority of workers were women–majority of managers are women–women getting 50% more college degrees than men. Muscle work has declined substantially.”  Brain work is on the rise. Women are training their minds better than men are.

[Source: Howard Bloom, author of many excellent works that challenge what we know of the world around us. He has been compared to Newton, Einstein, Freud, Stephen Hawking, Buckminster Fuller, and many other notables.  His works are studied by advanced theoretical physicists and mathematicians. He has lectured to Moscow’s physicists, USA State Department, the Energy Department, DARPA, IBM, and MIT.
Amidst all his research and knowledge, he prides himself on being an expert on anything “mass behavior”, from quarks to humans. Well over 100 Celebreties have turned to him to help build and sustain their careers.]