SNOWFLAKES: millennials.

Millennials are called Snowflakes because they, as a “species”, …uh-h-h, …”melt” so easily, so to say, when faced with life’s challenges. They have become so sensitive that, instead of powering through barriers, they simply give up and shy away while acting as cry-babies who throw temper tantrums by demanding more from others, less of themselves. Feeding that ultra-sensitivity has given birth to the silliest notions of Political Correctness imaginable, including, but not limited to “micro-aggressions” and even “micro-assaults”.

I could never have imagined that our society would turn so wimpy as to have a person accuse another of a micro-assault just because they stared, looked stern, or even failed to stare, [to borrow just one example from a list of ridiculous micro-assaults]. Or, that a word, any word, can be considered to be anything more than, maybe, rude, awkward, or at most, insensitive. But to create a BLACKLIST OF WORDS used to serve that absurd moniker “micro-aggressions” is not only surprising to me, but offensive, [“offensive”: when used by me, is intended as tongue in cheek comment for, I just can’t help laugh when someone uses that term as their “defense” for limiting the free speech of another individual.]

Instead of teaching how to develop “thick skin” and a “hard nose” by learning to debate, negotiate, and run circles around someone who speaks in ways that we don’t enjoy or approve of, schools, governments, and even corporations are tucking in their tails and warning their bodies of students, managers, and professors, to avoid using certain words and phrases for fear of offending anyone as delicate as a Snowflake. Go figure. In our Republic/Country, the heart and soul of which is freedom of speech, we can no longer speak freely!!  Instead we have verbal sanctuaries, isolated from reality, which not only allow for, but even encourage, repression of, and control over, thought and speech.

That may work, temporarily, while everyone is sheltered from reality on a campus or in a pseudo-educational environment, or even while in a work environment, but when those precious, gentile, delicate Snowflakes step out from their shelter and step into the real world those Snowflakes will melt immediately upon being greeted by what we understand of Darwin ‘s Theory: “Survival Of fittest”. Darwin or not, nature demands creativity, progress and strength. Not wimpiness and withdrawal.

By insisting that more and more responsibility is someone else’s, and not one’s own, Millennials have lost the art of growing and adapting, at the heart of which is the single-most important skill a person can possess: the ability to cope.