People tend to make things terribly complicated. This is especially true for those who fail to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Strip away all the justifications and rationalisations. Doing so will reveal just a few reasons at the heart of failures of most people.

  1. People say they want to achieve a goal, or to succeed just to please someone else, but lack the conviction for themselves. Thus, they go through the motions, but either the wrong motions or the right motions but halfheartedly without the enthusiasm, passion, and conviction required for achieving any tough goal.
  2. People FEAR SUCCESS. You can see this trait manifest in their actions. The best seat with which to view this is right there in your living room. Watch any competition on TV.  My favourite type of competition that reveals this, is an amateur cooking competition, such as home cooks competing for a cooking title. When the same type of mistake is made repeatedly, you are likely witnessing that psychological FEAR OF SUCCESS.
  3. People often fail when their EGO trumps logic. When a person insists on getting it right, yet, runs out of time or spends way too much money and other resources, you are witnessing the power to crush success that comes from ego overpowering logic and common sense. [See “Managerial Ego…” by clicking here.]
  4. People can’t stand to bear the criticism directed at people who succeed. Years ago a vice-president of the world’s largest advertising agency, at that time, told me, “If you want to reach the top, you have to have thick, tough skin and make decisions others don’t like or which others fear making.”
  5. People do not want to learn the rules within the “game” they have chosen.  Almost always, there are rules within the space at which you aim to succeed. If you don’t know all the rules and how to stick handle within them, you can’t possibly succeed. Example, do you want to get wealthier?  You must learn and implement the rules about achieving greater wealth. These rules have been well-publicised but many people are either too lazy or lack the resourcefulness to learn and implement them.
  6. Another, obvious cause of failing to achieve goals: people are too lazy and want something for nothing, or something for very little effort.
  7. Success requires hard work and DISCIPLINE. Many people start along a path to success in their chosen goal, but back off when they realise there is a lot of discipline required.
  8. People who fail are often negative thinkers who spend a lot of their time criticising, rather than studying, others who have achieved the very type of success desired. Instead of using those who succeeded as role models, failures use them as targets. Many of the “99%-ers” waste their time criticising the “1%-ers”, instead of studying them or reading books about how those people succeeded. Instead of criticising or inventing conspiracy theories about how privileged those 1%-ers are, people can benefit more by reading and implementing the RULES OF THE GAME as are WELL-PUBLICISED. A great work is now available and written by  Anthony (Tony) Robbins (See End Note 1) .  [Robbins’ book applies mostly to USA, but there is plenty in it that applies to any other country, too.]
  9. When people do decide to make a success plan, they make it way too complicated. Keep it simple. When it comes to acquiring wealth, people give up before they even start  because they assume it has to be so complicated. It’s not. It just requires focus, discipline, and “stick-to-itness”.  [See: Becoming is Not Rocket Science.]

If you want to succeed, here’s an extensive list of considerations to help identify obstacles in your path…   “GETTING YOUR GOALS ON…”



  1. MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom 
    by Tony Robbins