Years ago I chaired a special committee to investigate various measures to help improve productivity during some very trying economic times. The news was filled with one depressing economic story after another and all the statistics about the economy was headed into the tank. Since our company had so much more going for it, than many other companies, our committee wanted to help our employees emerge from the morass of negativity to see, enjoy, even celebrate the positive stuff, the decided economic advantage,  our company had going for it.

The recommendation?  A Fun Council.

Imagine that. Having fun at work. That sounds like an incompatible possibility. But it became our job back then to make that happen. That was a while ago. But this concept of introducing fun at work remains vibrant and necessary even today.  Probably, even more necessary today, now that the likes of mainstream media largely focus on, dwell on, negative stories and stories to attract your attention using fear, horror, and shock. As you get conditioned and desensitized, mainstream media doubles down on the intensity and uses progressively intense techniques to break through your psychological barriers, including your barrier of selective perception. One would think the mainstream agenda is to keep you in perpetual fear. So, having a workplace where employees can experience some uplifting events, or have some fun, can be a  very rewarding experience.

I was curious to see what the NET had to offer about this concept for today’s employees, many entering the workplace for the first time and experiencing the high anxiety that comes from venturing into regions largely unknown to them. And, guess what? I was delighted to see that this concept is being given wider exposure.

There are a number of websites offering great wisdom on this topic and well worth reading. So, rather than reinventing the mechanics of fun committees at work, I’m simply going to redirect you to some great articles in the links immediately below. I hope you find them valuable and even have FUN reading them…