Helicopter parents have gone too far. But most bosses have not gone far enough.

While raising children, doting helicopter parents would treat everything their precious little ones did as the world’s most important experience and contribution, thus,  leaving their children with the belief, and conditioning, that they can do no wrong and that everything they do is awe-inspiring. When these very same pinnacles of achievement hit the work world, the results were far less than stellar. I’d use the terminology, “absolutely disappointing”.  Imagine being a manager whose every comment and request is second-guessed, questioned, demanding of an explanatory rationale. Tiresome and time-robbing.

Helicopter parents created a monster for managers who must manage the younger generation and who must focus on motivating them to deliver results. But there is something that can help to bring onside these entitled kids overly conditioned by their helicopter parents.

Competent managers can set aside some time for, and invest a little effort into, CELEBRATIONS. Done well, done correctly, celebrations can focus the entire department/team on what you, as a manager expect and are requiring of each employee in order to meet your targets or production outputs. Celebrations don’t necessarily have to be lengthy, or expensive. Those celebrations can even be spontaneous.

Sometimes the manager can pass out a token gift, provided there is fanfare accompanying it. Or maybe just a short speech of appreciation, liberally mentioning the successful employee’s name, at lunch, or while in the vicinity of the bulk of the employees’ work area. It can be as cost-effective and spontaneous as stopping by the contributing employee’s cubicle and then loudly asking everyone to gather around for a moment of “celebration”–SAY THE WORD, “CELEBRATION”, SO EVERYONE CAN HEAR!!

Certainly, when you achieve your goals, as a manager, TAKE TIME TO make every effort to CELEBRATE SUCCESS. Some companies will not allow such things as a “Pizza Lunch” for contributors…If not, consider paying out of your own pockets, for such an event. It will certainly be money well-spent.


Teach your employees that you enjoy, appreciate and CELEBRATE their contributions to your company’s, and your goals!