Age-old widsom echoed through the works of motivational experts such as Norman Vincent Peal, James Allen, Napoleon Hill, and more recently, Tony Robbins, teaches us that who we spend our time with, and the thoughts we keep, determines who we are as a person and who we become.

Let this sink in:

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  The same is true for ideas.

Source: BOLD by  Peter Diamandis and Steve Kotler,  

Simon & Schuster, N.Y., 2015. p.108.

If you want to change, if you want different outcomes, if you want to succeed after a lifetime of failure, start by asking yourself about your influences on your life and especially your thoughts. If you spend all your time chewing the fat, so to say, with negative-thinking people, guess what. You will be their clone, a negative-thinking person. If you read negative websites almost 24/7, you leave no room for optimism, positive thinking, nor creativity to enable yourself to climb out of your prison of hopelessness.

Associate with the smartest, brightest, most optimistic people you can find. Read success stories and biographies. Keep in tune with uplifting, progressive, civilization-enhancing developments in the world around us. Put away your handhelds and discover the good stuff out there.