Some people who have suffered a heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure,  Type-2 Diabetes, come to learn that there is a much better “diet” than the medically recommended Mediterranean Diet.

When they turn to that better diet for the purpose of prolonging their lives and not merely living a bit longer by taking medications that merely control the pain and other symptoms, they discover that a pleasant and energizing by-product of that better diet is rapid and permanent weight loss.

People who turn to that better diet, better than the Mediterranean Diet, begin to shake off weight like leaves falling from trees in autumn. When that happens, friends, relatives, even the family doctor, become puzzled. They see the magic weight loss that has happened, but they can hardly believe their eyes. Such incredulity causes them to ask two questions. I plan to answer them in this Nugget:

  1. “Are you sick?” That’s usually the first question,

Let’s start with the first question. When you are on this better diet, people look at your inner glow, your new-found energy, and your sleek appearance and ask, “Are you sick?” Does this make any sense to you? It’s as if we have been conditioned by society to think that the new normal for people is to be overweight, plump and juicy. Anything less, we assume is caused by some sickness. Wait.  Why don’t we think of obese, overweight people, and others who have heart disease, suffered strokes, are surviving because of artery by-passes and stents, etc., as sick people?

Having had a heart attack qualifies one to be considered “sick”. Being energized and sleek, does not. Having to stick needles into one’s stomach or to swallow pills with terrible side effects to treat type-2 diabetes qualifies one to be considered “sick”. Reducing one’s dosages–always under medical supervision and doctor’s advice– or, in some instances, being able to abandon diabetic drugs entirely, does not. Being fat, barely able to breath, and waddling down the sidewalk qualifies one to be considered “sick”. Being sleek, slender, able to bounce around and even jog or run, does not.

But I promised I’d answer that first question, not debate it. So, when someone is motivated to adopt this better diet, and is then asked, “Are you sick”, they likely mean, “Are you slender, good-looking, slim, because you are dying of some deadly disease that has caused you to lose weight uncontrollably?” The answer is likely, “NO. I just switched the types of foods from the one’s that made me sick to the ones I am now eating that are making me much healthier and possibly even curing my diseases.”

Now, let’s tackle the second question…

“When will you stop losing weight?”

This better diet is better because you eat till you are full, eat often, if you want to, and you lose weight. But that’s what other people see of you. What they don’t see is even much better. This better diet actually helps to heal the damage done to the inside lining of your arteries from the American lifetime diet and even the Mediterranean diet. You can’t see it, but your circulation improves. Excellent circulation is necessary for every organ of the body, from one’s sexual organs to one’s brain and every organ and cell between. As your circulation slowly deteriorates over your lifetime of eating certain foods, your organs slowly whither and you approach death sooner. It’s that simple. What is it that is destroying your circulation and that can be addressed by changing the types of foods you eat?

The debate rages. At the center of the debate is you and your health. So, why don’t you decide what it is that is messing with your arteries. Click on this link then fast forward to 36:16 and watch the video up to approx. 42:00, to see this incredible view of what is happening inside your arteries, then you will know for sure why this better diet is considered by me and many doctors to be a better diet:

Another great and short video to watch is this one by Dr. Greger: 

Okay, back to the question, “When do you stop losing weight?” Answer: when your body decides that your “better diet”, this healthiest of diets, decides you don’t need to lose any more weight.

What is this “BETTER DIET”? Check it out yourself.  Watch this short video by Dr. John A. McDougall: 

Or, just read the book to learn more from the comfort of your easy-chair than your family doctor, your cardiologist, your medical internist learned in medical school about nutrition: