Decades ago, it was against the law for media to lie to the people of the USA. But in 2013, then President Obama, reversed that ruling to allow propaganda to be used on the American people. Since then, the Government can lie to its people.

That ruling was a big blessing to the so-called corrupted deep-state operatives…those we are now learning who sit at the highest levels of the CIA, FBI, and the USA DOJ. Not only have they jumped onto that bandwagon, but they have covertly weaponized the media against the nation itself…in particular, against President Trump. This covert weaponization is now surfacing as the recent Russian hoax collapses and investigations are untangling the many tentacles of the deep-state lies, all of which were disseminated through mainstream media, both nationally and internationally, as factual…but were all lies.

Not only are the high-level players in the deep state shaking at the knees as this begins to unfold, (May 2019), so are the mainstream media channels, some of which were blatantly operating as a publicity arm for the deep state. To those of us who have suspected this all along, the search for truth is refreshing since it is coming from a politician, actually a business expert turned politician.

Meanwhile over the past several years, as President Trump’s presidency has been progressing, more and more people are being touched in very positive ways by Trump’s over 300 positive changes, almost none of which were reported by mainstream press. The lies are surfacing. People are being touched by the truth and they are pissed off that the mainstream press has kept them ignorant. Those lies were put out there by the high-level players of the deep state who want to continue to corrupt the law, continue to make fortunes off the backs of taxpayers, continue to harbor their deepest evil secrets, and even to hide their path to actively destroy the fabric of America herself. The deep state and their accomplices in mainstream media were well down that path….until President Trump appeared.

As truth emerges, viewers are turning away from the lying mainstream media and turning to reliable, online alternative media. This trend is manifesting itself in the profitability, or should we say the declining profitability, of mainstream media news outlets. This includes lying newspapers, too.

Once viewers learn that their favorite mainstream media news sources have lied to them, have broken their trust, they leave. They turn to more reliable sources, and, in many cases, even directly to th source itself via social media platforms.

The lost viewership for mainstream media is taking a major toll on the advertising rates charged by mainstream media. As audiences dwindle, media outlets are forced to adjust their advertising rates downwards to accompany the decline in gullible viewers/audiences. Without advertisers paying exorbitant rates, mainstream media can hardly cover its costs. And some are paying the price for lost viewers.

One so-called news channel, for example, announced it was accepting voluntary retirements, then shortly afterwards closed down one of its allegedly more profitable divisions. We can expect to see similar employment adjustments at other mainstream news outlets.

This trend will only quicken as audiences continue to demand truthful, non-biased, non-opinionated REPORTING OF FACTS and real, honest, thorough in-depth INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM.

As if this viewership walk-away trend was not enough pain, there lurks even more pain, but at corporations making decisions based on what they thought were facts “reported” by mainstream media.

By relying on information believed to be reliable, but that proves to be lies, corporations may be shooting themselves in the foot if that fake news is used to shape their brand strategies. Corporations with young marketers, who lack effective information-screening skills, may be particularly vulnerable if those corporations use that information to choose political sides.

Corporations can avoid massive damage to their brands by remaining politically neutral in this climate of national confusion of the news.

Same comment applies to actors and actresses who have come out with their strong opinions in support of one political side or the other. Where are they getting their information from? If mainstream media, then that information is suspect and their opinions are on shaky ground.

By choosing sides you make a permanent decision to isolate one group of consumers. Can corporations file lawsuits to recover damages in such a scenario? Or will the defense argue that there is nothing legally available through the courts to placate the losses caused by stupid CEOs.

I study non-mainstream news sources. Those sources are strongly suggesting that in the very near future many of the political lies propagated by the deep state and its publicity arm, the mainstream media, will be exposed. The storm is apparently on the horizon and coming their way. And the deep state is showing signs of cracking under the pressure as one alleged participant is accusing another, and that participant is accusing still another. [Be sure to buy plenty of popcorn over the next few weeks and months…going to be more entertaining than going to the movies.]

[At this time, May, 2019, the ONLY TRUTH that exists: we are witnessing very confusing, but very interesting times!!!]