I’m blown away by a recent “artery cleansing” therapeutic program that I read. It was sent to me by a very, very good friend who had good intentions and who believed that the author had specialized knowledge.

The author exhibited no specialized knowledge. He was providing his plan of attack to counteract the damage he did to his arteries and heart over a lifetime of 70 years. He was inventing an experiment involving gulping down a handful of vitamins which he hopes will be helpful. Some readers would consider that guy to be an expert merely because he posts articles about supplements. Those readers would likely blindly accept his “artery cleansing therapy” as valid science. It would not even occur to such readers that there might be terrible dangers to health from following that guy’s therapy plan, either because of dangers within the supplements and their interactions, or from substituting that guy’s therapy plan in place of a valid, proven therapy plan developed by qualified doctors.

As an aside, to the best of my knowledge, after considerable reading and study of  many studies in the field of health over the past 3 decades, I have discovered only one program that MIGHT be helpful to sufferers of clogged arteries or heart attacks. And, that program is far more demanding than merely wolfing down a handful of supplements.

But regardless of the therapeutic program which we wish to propose or defend, and I am not proposing any specific program, merely raising a precaution, I remain curious why his supplements FAILED him. If he is a presumed authority on the subject of supplements, then why didn’t they work for him? If they don’t work for him, why would supplements work for anyone else? Why, in his case, did his supplements fail to live up to all the hype? Why did he almost die though spending his money throughout his life on supplements taken for the sole purpose of helping him live longer?

HEALTH ADVICE FOR MY OWN READERS:  Just be careful with claims made by the supplement industry. And if you do suffer some illness or disease, whatever the cause, including from overdoses of any specific supplement, then don’t ignore the advice from highly trained, dedicated doctors who are there to, and want to,  help make you better. I strongly urge you to raise your antennae of suspicion and skepticism whenever you hear of vitamins, minerals, supplements of any kind, including powders and herbs which are claimed to offer any cure of disease or even prevention or delayed onset.

[If YOU or someone you know is recovering from a heart attack, be sure to be monitored by a qualified doctor who is authorized to diagnose and prescribe within the appropriate field of medicine. Don’t get your advice or information merely from website writers!  Remember, website writers, [like me], provide information for interest and entertainment of their readers, but the ethical among us would never recommend, prescribe or diagnose disease or health issues. You must seek qualified doctors who do have the training and authority to diagnose and prescribe.]