What is wrong with society when veterans can’t find jobs?!  What is wrong with a nation that lets politicians ignore this issue? What is wrong with consumers who buy products from companies who fail to provide substantial preferential favoritism, to discriminate in favor of, our veterans during hiring policies? What is wrong with politicians who sit on their fat butts and pretend to ignore the issues, health and societal, caused by the massive unemployment among veterans?

MY plea to politicians, business leaders, and consumers: for GOD’S SAKE, get with it! You wanna watch the “Superbowl” and stuff your face with chips and wings in a democratic, free society?  Then start taking care of your veterans!! Hire veterans, almost no questions asked!

Medical attention for veterans is a must, a definite, a no-brainer, for sure. Granted, I’m angered by the trouble veterans experience and must tolerate when seeking promised health care. I am as much angered by the number of veterans who remain unemployed!!!!!!   We are talking about our nation’s heroes, brave people, protectors of our society and especially our lifestyle. OUR veterans, for God’s sake!! OUR veterans should not have to struggle finding a job when they get back from serving. [My body is vibrating from anger as I write this!!  This nugget should NOT be necessary!]

Veterans need medical attention, for sure. But they also, need productive employment.  Wake up employers!!  Employers who enjoy those mind-boggling-awfully-fat compensation packages, and their companies that make billions because of our safe and politically stable nation, OWE IT TO VETERANS to lean in favor of them when interviewing. Companies here could not function without the protection of the military both here and abroad. Consider this a favor owed to the military.  Companies need to start their own corporate program to hire vets, and do so not for mere lip service but preferentially.

Shareholders ought to be crushing CEOs who have ignored this issue. By now, employers should have formed a coalition for the positive hiring and employment of these protectors of the nation!  Shareholders should be demanding this!  If employers evade the issue, then politicians ought to step up and pass legislation requiring more of employers on behalf of our veterans.  If we could only impeach wimp politicians for not already having done that!

Veterans deserve  SUBSTANTIAL PREFERRENTIAL TREATMENT before an employer even considers any silver-spooned, privileged graduates who have NOT served their country.

I go one further. For politicians to represent the people there should be a mandate to have an equal number of politicians who have served in combat and received an honorable discharge prior to running for politics. At a minimum, our politicians should be equally represented by veterans. That should be a law.

If a nation insists on being a warring nation, whether for hegemon or defense,  it should reflect that value throughout its culture by supporting the military veterans at every turn. Help me get this important message to all company hiring departments: veterans matter!  Let’s start tipping the hiring scale in favor of the veteran. Veterans should have a substantial hiring advantage, a substantial hiring cushion.

Message to employers: get with the program! Support your own preferential veteran hiring program.  PLEASE.