THIS  “Nugget” [“nugget” because it is valuable] will be a very important reminder to you about skin, (sun); lungs; hearing; and food  safety in that order.

SKIN, (SUN), SAFETY:   Sunscreen protective factors are, at most, suggestions. Your skin type, the food you eat, how long you are in the sun, how thickly and carefully you apply it, and so on, all matter and have an effect on its performance on you or on your children. Read the instructions carefully and apply liberally.  You may also want to choose the highest protective factor you can find. I’m leaning to at a minimum of  SPF 30 or higher. [You can read my article “Can you say Magnetosphere…” to learn why I look for the highest I can find when I suggest the use of a sunscreen.]  Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you need help in choosing one.

LUNGS: we all know that some days smog and air-born dust are problematic. Your lungs are NOT MUSCLES. You can not strengthen your lungs by exposing them to contaminants or abusing them. When working in dirty areas, dirty work areas, or even outdoors with plenty of dust, or when sweeping mice droppings out of your shed, be careful to protect your lungs. Mice droppings, for example,  can infect your lungs and cause the Hantavirus to infect your bloodstream.  Dust always has two components, the visible and invisible and may contain more dangerous contaminants beyond mere silica, which is also bad for the lungs. So, don’t try to be a tough guy or tough gal around dusty environments. Don’t go running when smog alerts are at their highest. Be smart. And, when you do wear  breathing protection learn how to use it properly. For example, if you have a beard, you can’t get a complete seal to the skin of the face so when you inhale,  the tiny and dangerous particulates will worm their way through your beard and get into your lungs. Also, if the protective mask has two straps don’t be stupid by using only one. Typically two straps are intended to spread the force and keep the mask tight to your skin all around your nose and mouth.

HEARING: if you go to concerts, take along hearing protectors, commonly known as earplugs.  Many are inexpensive and easy to use…but read the instructions. The intention is to attenuate the sound somewhat but they do not shut out the sound completely. You’ll still hear the concert very well. Without hearing protection, the loud noise, any loud noise, but the loud continuous noise at a concert will break the tiny hearing hairs on the inside chambers of your ear canal. With protection you are protecting those delicate hairs that convert vibrations into sounds.  Like your lungs, you can not lift weights or take vitamins to make your hearing stronger or better after it is damaged.  You get one shot at doing it correctly. You are gifted with hearing at birth. Then, from there your hearing goes downhill. So, use hearing protection around loud noises and make your hearing last a lifetime.

FOOD SAFETY: be careful of where your food, vitamins, and beverages come from. The FDA and Health Canada are trying to do their very best to keep dangerous foods out of our food chain, but you need to also be wary. And, news suggests that there soon will be a new plant seed on the market, a seed that will grow aluminum-resistant crops. Why aluminum-resistant plants? Though nobody will ever know the real story. My suspicion, and that of some experts on food safety, is that such crops are necessary now that there has been so much aluminum dropped from the skies from weather-conditioning activities called “Chemtrails”. As the ozone layer and magnetosphere decay, more jets and planes will be enlisted to spew “Chemtrails” and not just vapor trails through the upper atmosphere to make the upper atmosphere more reflective.

Thank you and have a safe and prosperous future.