I’ve often been asked if job seekers should bother to upload their information to LinkedIn and use LinkedIn. The short answer is ABSOLUTELY YES.

  1. If you are looking for a job, certainly you must be on job boards like MONSTER. Don’t overlook LINKEDIN. LinkedIn is a valuable job-searching tool, too.
  2. If you are NOT looking for a job, and are nice and cozy in your current job, LinkedIn still has the advantage of making your profile visible to some other employer who may be looking for a person of your qualifications. Yes…some company may be looking for you!
  3. If today you don’t care about 1 and 2 above, you should still use LinkedIn. The clouds in the economy remain dark and ominous. The writing is on the wall that more companies are destined to be declaring employees “redundant”. So, maybe you might want to care about 1 and 2.
  4. Many people are finding it useful to check out profiles on LinkedIn. Your profile might be of interest to employees within your own firm; to your channel partners if you are newly assigned to a region; same for your customers; and, yes, even to your competitors.

In addition to its usefulness for the above, LinkedIn is a great place to save your work history should you ever need to create a resume overnight.

It certainly can’t hurt you to have a “silent salesman” in place. Companies are constantly searching useful databases like LinkedIn for potential candidates. Have an impressive profile and let it silently work for you.

The other feature of LinkedIn is it professional image and therefore your connections will be considered serious and of a professional caliber. You might even find it of benefit once you earnestly participate in professional groups provided by LinkedIn. If you do join a few groups, be sure not to just lurk, but to participate. Try to make some valuable contributions to the group. Remind yourself that potential employers, or even your own employer, may be reading those very groups in which you are beginning to participate in or to shine in.

Professional associations, charities, customers, colleagues, channel partners, executives and other stakeholders, mentors, the media, …the list is almost endless…may want to know more about you. LinkedIn makes that easier for them.