Why is it that so many people like to accuse others of having the easy path to success, of being privileged, when discussing their successes?  Because it is a form of self-gratification to find differences that help justify the lack of one’s appropriate actions.

It’s called MAKING EXCUSES and using those excuses as reasons for one’s lack of progress or to explain or justify one’s current state. If you want to succeed at anything, you must change a failure mindset into a success mindset. How?

Likely the very people you or others accuse of being privileged have had a rocky start and likely overcame obstacles as bad as yours or even worse than yours.

A good place to start is to study some people who you or they accuse of being privileged. Learn the dynamics of how they were able to succeed. What you likely will discover is they were not of a privileged class and did not have anything to do with privilege.

Instead, LIKELY, those role models you or others disparage as simply being born with a “silver spoon” and therefore had a leg up because of privilege, likely had environments, circumstances, health problems, or financial troubles, or any other hurdle and barrier, similar or worse than yours or the accusers.

The Internet makes it simple to find outstanding role models in your chosen field. If those are the people accused of being privileged, then a great awakening can happen by reading or listening to stories of their rise from the days of struggling to today’s successes.

Below, I have chosen two names that some people would “accuse” of succeeding because they were privileged. In each case privilege was far from their reality. But, each of these people handled their lives much differently than the way people who accuse other of privilege handle their lives.

What’s the secret?…WORK YOUR ASS OFF!! [Arnold Schwarzenegger]

These two presentations, one at YOUTUBE and one at CNBC are well worth listening to.

This is a great interview by CNBC with Tony Robbins…it won’t take you long and will set the stage for the next video featuring Arnie Schwarzennaeger:   https://www.cnbc.com/video/3000515400


Next…here’s Arnie over at YOUTUBE.com!!