Having a great social media profile photo, such as, on  LinkedIn.com,  seems like a no brainer!   Yet, professionals have photos up there that are at best duds.  Some photos look like their kids snapped the photo by accident.

Let me remind you that, everything, especially your social media photo, counts when trying to make a good impression on a potential employer who will, indeed they will, take the time to check your presence and credentials on many of the social media websites, particularly LinkedIn.

Your photo is the rhetorical cover by which your “book”, (you),  will be judged. Photo, or  no photo, whatever appears in your profile photo tells a lot about you.

  • No photo =  untrustworthy.
  • Blurry, Shadows, Obstructions =  clueless, careless, lazy.
  • Distorted Body Parts = disconnected.
  • Wrong Pose = confrontational or averse to risk.
  • Inappropriate Background = disoriented.
  • Bad Use of “Props” = out of touch, terrible marketer/leader.


A while ago I wrote a detailed helpful list for creating an awesome profile photo. It might help to read that.   Cick here to visit a great nugget about how to improve your profile photo: https://boom-qa.com/profile-photo/