[WARNING: this, and all our Nuggets, is for information purposes only. Before you make any changes to diets, exercise, supplements, medications, or any other therapy, check with your doctor. Do not change any prescriptions and therapies recommended by your doctor.]

There is great confusion about eating fats, in particular saturated fats. Nowadays, young people are fully immersed in today’s attempt to make saturated fats sound like a good thing. Something called the Keto diet is creating great confusion.

From back in the mid-1800s “they” have been trying to convince people that eating lots of saturated fat is supposed to be no problem. Every few years, people are told of a new high-fat diet that people will enjoy. But, people are not told of the downside of such a diet for the long-term. Result: people lose weight in the short-term, their weight bounces back again just in time for the next fad diet about eating foods that will not keep weight off for the long-term. Worst result of all: cardiovascular problems, both strokes and death from heart attacks, continues to be at all-time highs and is migrating to younger and younger ages.

I’ll leave it to the debaters to argue about where to assign blame and whether or not to blame the American diet that describes ingesting products which are low-carbohydrates, processed foods, high sugar, and high salt. This Nugget, though, wants to make only one point: the kind of saturated fat you eat in animal, dairy and fish products, has one effect on the arteries…BAD.

I refer you to the test done from Dr. Vogal, since that test speaks for itself. In a nutshell, Dr. Vogel had test subjects eat a high-fat meal, a typical fast-food, drive-through meal. Result? “It took nearly six hours for endothelial function to get back to normal.” See End Note 1

What does that mean?

For as long as SIX HOURS, your arteries lose their pliability, their ability to relax and expand, to let proper nutrition-filled, oxygenated-blood flow through the arteries to every organ of the body, from one’s sex organs to one’s brain, and everything in between. Deprive your organs of the nutrition they need and they WITHER over time. Over a long enough period those same organs will fail prematurely.

So next time you brag about being on the Keto diet, or a “Low-Carbohydrate” diet, remember what you are doing to your arteries and subsequently to every organ of your body.

How often and how long can you damage the insides of your arteries with high-fat meals, also called low-carbohydrate meals? It varies for each person. You roll the dice and take your chances.

Best of luck to you.


1- PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE, By Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. Page 39.