I sure hope you enjoy spaghetti sauce, the sauce on pizza, and anything else that makes liberal use of TOMOTOES. Why? It’s emerging as one of the super foods in the fight against cancer.

New research shows that some of the molecules in Tomatoes can help prevent and, possibly, slow cancer.

By now you likely know that Lycopene, a very friendly molecule, is found in tomatoes. Today, in this Nugget, we’re not talking just about Lycopene. Though, Lycopene is still important to us for the protection against free radicals and  artery disease. We’re talking about tomatoes today because recent science uncovered even more benefits for those who consume plenty of tomatoes in their diets.

Scientists have tested two more molecules found in the tomato and concluded the tomato can possibly offer even more ways, than by Lycopene, to possibly protect us from cancer.

From the study: “The treatment with tomato extracts affected cancer cell ability to grow…We found, on gastric, [stomach], cancer cell lines, effects on both cell cycle progression and apoptosis modulation…” [Translation: They are talking about possible protection from stomach cancers. It should be noted that they used only two specific varieties of tomatoes, of the many available in Europe.]

Nature is amazing.

We often discover that Nature has spent millions of years carefully planning for humans. Ever wonder why fruits and vegetables often are brightly colored?  Nature is calling you to pay attention to those fruits and vegetables. You almost can’t ignore a tomato: bright red.

The moral of this Nugget?

Find ways to eat tomatoes as often as you can, preferably organic tomatoes, while they last. Many people avoid tomatoes because they don’t like the mouth feel. If you are one of them, turn your attention to foods that can be made with or spiced by tomatoes, such as spaghetti sauce, pizza topping, or simply adding tomatoes to soups. Or simply disguise it among other foods such as salads or even a delicious serving of  bruschetta. Do you like ketchup?  or adding ketchup to a bun placing a thick slice of tomato on your burger…a low-fat, vegan burger, of course!

[A word of caution. Some people are allergic to tomatoes. So this Nugget is intended for those of you who are not allergic to tomatoes. And, as usual, be sure to check with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. The above is for information purposes only.]


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