This is going to be a short, easy-to-read Nugget.

Our nation is far too negative. It is filled with far too many negative thinkers. We must do more to teach each other how to be much more positive and to welcome ideas and to learn to encourage ideas to help accelerate and help adopt ideas quicker. This Nugget will suggest 3 very important, helpful books that you should read…Scratch that. Not “read”. Rather, “STUDY”.

Below you will find my suggestion for 3 of the most powerful books imaginable that can teach you and especially your children, how to think POSITIVELY. Not in an “air-head”, flighty, plastic way. But genuinely useful, positive ways that are bounded by reality but not stifled by reality.

Negativity predominates in our society. That doesn’t happen by chance. People have had a plethora of role models. Parents. Friends. Relatives, and celebrities in the news. But we can change that. We just need to offset that with instruction in positivity and then practice.

Even if that change is small, it can result in great changes in others or in the future.

Listed below are three books you ought to read. More so, you ought to make these mandatory reading for your kids when they are old enough to appreciate and understand the principles therein.  Let me tell you why I suggest you not only read and adopt the principles therein, but to also work with your kids or, at a minimum, have them read these books when they reach the age of about grade 9 or grade 10.

Years ago I interviewed Dr. Robert Carum, a psychologist who spoke about the underlying cause of SUICIDES in the nation. He stated that many suicides result because people lack a “…BELIEF IN LIFE.” I liked his theory and ever since made it a point to reinforce positive things when I find them in what people say or when they do positive things for themselves or for others. And, no. I am not an air head. And, yes, these tips in these books were certainly helpful when I was managing various large divisions within a Fortune 500 company.  These books suggested below may help you or your kids to build and strengthen that belief in life.

They are an easy, pleasant read, but they are mighty powerful, if you let them be. They are chock full of tips, hints, suggestions and even role models. If you welcome them, you can let them be attitude-changing, belief-strengthening, and even belief-building. Make your life and the lives of those you influence, more positive.

Do yourself a favor by changing your perspective from a No-it-all to a creative, thinking, personable,  enthusiastic, optimistic, problem-solver.

Read these books and practice their principles:

  1. How to Win Friends & Influence People – October 1, 1998. by Dale Carnegie
  2. The Power of Positive Thinking – March 12, 2003. by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  3. As a Man Thinketh – November 1, 2014. by James Allen