If you want to achieve more, earn more money or get a promotion, then do a time check.

Do you feel you have to relax after a day’s work by watching TV?  If so, you may be able to channel commercial viewing time into career enhancing, or, wealth-earning time.

Each person is given “currency”, a whack of it, the moment we are born. That currency comes to us in the form of TIME. Time is the great healer. Time makes money. It’s how we use our time that matters. But always, TIME RUNS OUT. So, if you view TIME AS CURRENCY, then success boils down to how you SPEND YOUR TIME, how you use your time. Spend it intelligently, and you achieve your desires. Waste it, and you remain stuck in whatever circumstances you are using to justify your “oh, whoa is me”, “take pity on me because I am a produce of my environment” syndrome.

The reality for people who complain about being limited, stuck, a victim of circumstances, a victim of their environment is simply that their DESIRE is lacking when it comes to spending their TIME CURRENCY smartly.

First, of course, comes a focus and a setting of priorities. What is it that you’d love to achieve. You pick your objective/goal/wish/desire. Likely you’ll have a long list of wishes and in no particular order. The reality is that NOBODY has sufficient time on earth to accomplish everything on their lists.

The next most important step to any achievement is to put that list in some sort of rational order.

I have written plenty about the “Secret”, [really it is NOT A SECRET], that successful people use to achieve excellence, called the “PARETO” principle…type “Pareto” into my search box to learn more…or type the word “SUCCESS”.  While you are at it, type, “KARMA”. If you don’t have time to type all that, at least click this link before leaving this Nugget:   “Pareto EVERYTHING….”[Click here].  

Okay…at this point you made a list of everything you could ever want and you have PARETO-ed it for maximum impact. Now what?

Learn to master your “MUTE” BUTTON on your TV remote control unit and turn your time on the “throne” into riches.

The time people waste is mind boggling when it is carefully measured.

Back in June of 2016, The New York Times, online, reported that the Nielson company’s survey revealed that Americans watch about five hours of television per day. That’s 5 HOURS of study time, each day, that could have been used to turn you into an expert about ANY subject.

A 30-minute TV show, on average, [my best guess], has approximately 12.5 minutes of mind-numbing commercials. That’s 25 minutes per hour of companies trying to get you to eat more hamburgers, pizza, beverages, or to go much further into debt by buying stuff you really don’t need. You don’t notice the minutes slipping away because your brain is numbed, 15-seconds, or 30-seconds, at a time while the repetitive ads burn THEIR USELESS MESSAGES into your brain cells taking up space that God put there for acquiring wisdom. If you were to bundle all those advertisements, it adds up to roughly 2 HOURS DAILY of TV commercials for stuff you don’t need or even want. That’s about 750 hours a year, or the rough equivalent  of  spending  500  classroom-hours  studying a specialty. In 5 years time, the time it roughly takes almost anyone to become an expert on almost any subject matter, that’d be about 2,500 classroom hours of intellectualising!!  THINK ABOUT THAT!!

If YOU spent over 2,000 hours studying ANYTHING wouldn’t YOU be a likely an expert, too, a success?! There’d be almost nothing you would fail to master!

Find the MUTE BUTTON and instead of listening and watching ACHIEVEMENT-DESTROYING commercials, spend that time becoming an expert at something.

HIT the MUTE BUTTON and spend that time LEARNING SOMETHING which furthers your goals/objectives/desires/wishes/wants.

NEXT…let’s talk about your royal time sitting on your “throne”.

When you visit your “throne”, (your toilet), are you putting that time to good use?  Many people spend their time reading gossip magazines or just mindlessly studying the colour of the paint on the walls. This is valuable time currency being wasted. Convert wasted time into valuable time by having reference material handy that helps to further your personal achievement of goals/desires/needs/wants.


Americans can spend anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes struggling with a bowel movement, (largely because of their American diet, by the way). They do that about once every 2 days. In a year, those people spend about  50 hours flushing their time currency down the toilet. Vegans are the exception, of course, since they seldom spend more than a minute or two in the washroom because of their healthy diets. Have a valuable, goal-specific reference work, at hand, in every bathroom in your home.

Become the Monarch of your future.  Spend your 15 minutes on the “throne” learning something of value to your goals and objectives.

In summary, between busting out as slaves to TV commercials, by using your MUTE BUTTON to learn something useful, and, mastering the art of building your mind while sitting on your “throne”, you can achieve some serious goals in your lifetime.  REGARDLESS OF YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES/ENVIRONMENT/EDUCATION.

Circumstances/environments seldom hold back people.  As they say, “Where there is a will, there is always a way.”