The pursuit of the almighty dollar has caused pseudo-scientists, reductionist researchers, and highly-opinionated doctors to recommend diets which succeed at losing weight in the short-term, but which are dangerous for the long-term.

Those authors have created a great deal of confusion about nutrition. So much confusion that millions of people have given up and leave nutrition to their doctors. Unfortunately, even doctors are confused. Use this cube to help cut through the clutter.

Thanks to Doctors Caldwell Esselstyn, John Mcdougall, Colin Campbell, (Phd.) and especially Doctor Joel Fuhrman, I learned that nutrition need not be complicated at all. The cube below summarizes the highlights of their recommended protocols into one concise image.

Below, you will find a CUBE that shows a blue arrow representing your march forward to a longer, healthier, energized life. The red arrow illustrates what can oppose, shorten even cut short, your “luck” for a healthier, longer, energetic life. Nutrition is as simple as this: do more of the items in black. Do none, or very little, of the items in red.

Good nutrition mandates eating foods very high in MICRO-nutrients. By doing so, one enjoys a healthier intestinal tract which permits the “good” gut bacteria to flourish and helps to avoid constipation while boosting one’s immune system; controls hormonal spikes caused by less healthy foods; and by nature of the volume in the tummy, it crowds out excessive calories. By paying attention to micro-nutrient levels of food, you can avoid excessive proteins and fats, processed foods, and those high-glycemic foods that cause insulin spikes, which, in turn, allow cancers to feast and grow.

[ BE CERTAIN TO CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE CHANGING YOUR DIET or making any changes to lifestyle, therapies or exercise.]

MICRO-NUTRIENT DENSITY: The body needs thousands upon thousands of molecules in the form of nutrients and enzymes…pardon my redundancy in explaining this. ONLY whole plant foods, minimally cooked, or preferably raw, offers the most micro-nutrients.

HEALTHY GUT BACTERIA: By eating foods very high in micro-nutrients, you provide the fuel to stoke the good bacteria in your intestines. Those good bacteria are an essential part of your immune system. AND, by eating foods high in micro-nutrients you can eliminate your constipation. Literally, instead of reading a chapter or two, while sitting on the “throne”, you’ll barely make it through a few sentences. Imagine how productive America can become if people applied all that time savings to studying or working!

HEALTHFUL RESTRICTION OF CALORIES: One of the fads out there is to fast. There is no need to go days without food in order to control your weight, barring any exceptions due to a therapy by your doctor. By the way, I did experiment, out of curiosity to learn what the rage was, with a water-only fast for 125 hours. It sucks! In my instance, after the fast was complete, though I carefully followed the comeback protocol following a fast, I spent 2 weeks in pain and great discomfort trying to normalize my body to food. By pursuing foods high in micro-nutrients you crowd out unnecessary calories and enjoy a calorie restricted diet without suffering, without feeling hungry, and without having to count calories, etc. It’s almost magical!

HORMONE FAVORABLE: Many foods and beverages wreak havoc with your hormones. One of the deadliest is a spike in your insulin levels. Not only does insulin spikes lead to type-2 diabetes, but it also feeds cancer cells. Foods high in micro-nutrients generally help to control insulin levels during and after meals.

MACRO-NUTRIENT EXCESS: Too much protein, fat, and [SIMPLE] carbohydrates. Over a lifetime, this takes a tremendous toll on your body. Be careful with the propaganda surrounding protein. The media and advertising, even doctors, have you thinking, “the more protein the healthier”. Nope. Dr, Campbell, (Phd), has proven that with some cancers, too much protein can switch on their tumours and that by staying with a lower level of protein can switch off those same cancer tumours.

PROCESSED FOODS: Most processed foods strip away those precious micro-nutrients and enzymes the body needs and adds emulsifiers, salt, sugar, and fat to improve the taste. Then, to make those “foods”, if we can call it “food”, more intellectually acceptable, companies add back synthetic forms of some of the vitamins and minerals they stripped away during processing. Nowhere even close to fresh, whole foods high in micro-nutrients. By the way, processors extensively study how to optimally combine, CRUNCH, SALT, SUGAR, and FAT, to maximize your pleasure-sensing areas of your brain. Eaten often enough, processed foods become ADDICTIVE.

HIGH-GLYCEMIC LOAD: Simply, this is any food that drives up your insulin levels. It can be animal protein, dairy, sugar, or SIMPLE–versus complex–carbohydrates. These foods and beverages cause insulin imbalances and that results in stuffing cells with energy in the form of fat.


Books you ought to have in your NUTRITION library. If you can’t afford all of these books I have highlighted, in bold, the two that you may want to consider as the most essential:

PREVENT & REVERSE HEART DISEASE, By Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.



SUPER IMMUNITY, By Dr. Joel Fuhrman