Working at a company or institution can give one the same optical illusion as sitting on a vehicle, a bus or a train, parked alongside another when the other starts to move forward. It appears as though yours is moving backwards.

Companies are made, not merely of the buildings or the architecture of the buildings you see, but by the people therein. When the talents and knowledge/skills of those people, within the buildings, are harnessed and pointed in a specific direction via company planning processes and objectives, the company moves forward. To move forward faster, employees must also willingly learn faster.

At the individual level, each employee works relative to every other employee. For example, if your colleagues are learning more and quicker than you, though you are talented and smart, you will appear to be stalled or to be sliding backwards. In other words, each employee must be committed to a process of continuous learning, not only academically, when appropriate, but also of company goals, practices, marketplace advances, technological advances and any other changes that matter to your company.

It is you and those people around you who determine if your company appears to be parked while other companies move forward, or if your company is the one moving forward causing other companies to appear to be moving backwards.

Not only is it important for employees to sign onto accepting change, but willingly accepting an increasingly faster rate of change is also a requisite. So, adapting to changes at all levels matters, but so, too, does adjusting to the PACE of those changes. And, it matters both inside and outside of your company.

If your company’s pace is slower than competition, the so-called “moat” grows. That is, your competitors’ advantages grows between them and your company.

In the end, a company moves successfully into the future, by building superior processes for locating, hiring, and encouraging talented employees, who are willing to make positive change an ongoing ritual. This ensures that a company is well supplied with the skills, knowledge and abilities to carry it far into the future.

The “Forever company” is well equipped with, and relies heavily upon employees who are willing to learn and to LEARN FASTER!