Sometimes it pays to use some very simple logic.

When it comes to thinking about our own lives, we can learn easy ways to live longer. Granted, medical science and genetic research is complicated. But what we eat and how it affects our health need not be buried in complexity. Sometimes, just simple logic can help us to clear our thick mental fog about what not only makes sense, but what can help us live longer, or what I term, “anti-aging”.

When I think of a character that uses simple, black and white, logic, I think of Homer Simpson.

When he comprehends something that we’d think is obvious, he exclaims, “D’oh!”. We’re going to let Homer join us as we review and see through the fog to some obvious facts that we’ve been ignoring until now. Here’s some information about what is causing us to AGE MUCH FASTER than we have to.  [Sources: AHA, CDC, NIH, other governmental, and others sources.]

  • 2 people in America have heart attacks every MINUTE. Almost 400,000 DIE EVERY YEAR. And…YOU are highly likely to be in that lineup. Maybe far sooner than you thought!  If so many people are dying from damage to arteries and hearts, it must be because of the food they eat. Obviously what your body can’t break down and eliminate goes into your arteries. Even lean and skim versions of the following are laden with fats: cooked red meats, chicken, cheese directly or on pizza, chips, crackers, milk, fish, eggs, and, of course, grease-laden fast foods. Why not change what we eat by reducing the foods with long-term bad health consequences?  Simpson says, “D’oh!”
  • Approximately 200,000 Americans have a SECOND HEART ATTACK. So, treating with statins and hypertensive medications may not be curing anything if people don’t stop eating the foods that clogged their arteries in the first place? So heart attack victims ought to be looking up alternatives to the American diet and lifestyle. Simpson says, “D’oh!”
  •  An American DIES of a STROKE every 4 minutes. 87% of strokes result from blocked arteries. How do arteries become blocked? By eating foods containing fat. Think protein, which has become code for meat and dairy, and think cholesterol, which is found in meats and dairy. Why not simply reduce or move away from these two food groups to help fuel better health? Simpson says, “D’oh!”
  • Each year approx. 800,000 people…and your name is on the list, I’m sure…have a stroke. 87% of strokes are caused by blocked arteries. Simpson says, “D’oh!” And, he likely adds, “read the above notes.”
  • Strokes are not a disease restricted to a long lifetime of artery-blocking foods. 34% of strokes hit people under the age of 65 years.  So even young people as young as 18 years old or younger are documented as having had strokes, some major strokes. Epidemiological studies strongly suggest it is the food regime of the geography. If that is so, why not change what we eat to consume brain-friendly foods?  Simpson says, “D’oh!”
  • Strokes can also be caused by high blood pressure. What causes high blood pressure? One contributing factor is eating foods low on nutritional density and high in calories and fats. The typical American eating lifestyle that is packed with “protein”, (meats, chicken, fish, and dairy), is relatively low in nutritional density and relatively high in fats and cholesterol. Simpson says, “D’oh!”
  • 70 million Americans have high blood pressure based on American ranges of recommended blood pressure. One of the high risk factors is consuming too much Sodium (salt). Too few Americans care to manage their sodium intakes from packaged foods or from restaurant and fast foods. Why not exercise more care when using your salt shaker and especially when buying packaged foods? Maybe even read the labels and do some simple arithmetic to discover total sodium per package, not simply reading the manufacturer’s suggestion of “package size”.  Simpson says, “D’oh!”
  • What about the big “C” word?  CANCER. Approximate annual rates for men: 740,000;  women: 680,000;  children: 45,000,  for a total of approx.  1,400,000. We can agree that some of this is due to environmental contaminants. Yet, much of it can be caused, affected by, and sometimes controlled by foods. Foods that come from animals with faces are a significant and, over a lifetime, a very dangerous actor in this play.  So, why don’t Americans simply start by changing what they eat?  Simpson says, “D’oh!”