I’ve seen it hundreds of times, possibly thousands of times…and learned to accept it as the single most important criteria that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

Someone asks about what it is you are doing, whether it is losing 60 pounds, career progression, family values, or just about anything, then they try to demean it by making some humorous and condescending comment to dismiss the matter.

They listen to what you say you are doing, which by your very presence and success proves you succeeded at what they won’t do, then they try to belittle it so they won’t have to bear the full psychological burden of choosing between their status quo, which will almost always results in certain failure, and the logic of making the changes to emulate your success.

Very typically this type of discussion occurs around weight loss, improvement of health, recovery programs from heart attacks, cancer, and strokes, and career tactics/strategies.

Don’t let yourself become discouraged or frustrated because you can’t convince them to change to your ways.

You can NOT MAKE people change. They have to will it themselves and decide within their own minds to set their sites and spirit on rising to the challenge. You can not change their thinking and attitudes with just a few words. Even foremost authorities will fail at making people change if people do not want to change.

As an example: I have a great friend who suffered a massive stroke, though at a young age and no genetics in his family of similar stroke events,  leaving him partially blind in one eye, and far less mobile than prior to the stroke. His doctor advised, “Throw out all packaged products. Also, reduce your sodium intake. From now on only eat fresh, whole-plant foods and absolutely no animal-sourced products whatsoever.”  When he told me this story, he added with a dismissive chuckle and shaking of his head,  this stunning, ridiculous assertion, “I love my foods and packaged meals or snacks and will NEVER!! give that up, not matter what. Even if it means dying sooner!”

Even doctors I’ve met are incredulous when told of repaired hearts, drops in blood pressure, weight loss of over 50 pounds without Bariatric surgery , cholesterol statistics in the super-human range of awesomeness, due to AVOIDING THE FOOD TYPES that caused those problems in the first place. The rebuttal from those doctors, who are ignorant of the role nutrition plays in causing and in stopping or reversing health problems, is typically an all-too-familiar chuckle and humorous dismissal.

So, don’t get frustrated if you do something correct and succeed then asked to explain it but are met with a chuckle and some smart-ass comment to dismiss it. That is just what just about 99.9% of people do. Remain confident in what you are doing that contributes to your success, all the while knowing that others won’t bring themselves to applying the same degree of discipline that you did in your particular matter.

That’s the very reason you are successful: you tackled it, they won’t even want to start to do so.

You belong to a special group, those who try to make positive changes. Failures, or those headed towards certain disasters, know outright or intuitively that they are headed for failure or trouble, but won’t even want to try to change along the way. You can’t convince them to do otherwise.