It is reported that over 148 inventions EACH occurred to two or more people, distant and in many cases unknown to each other, SIMULTANEOUSLY. But how is this possible? This question made me think of the POSSIBILITY that once the human mind is saturated with the problem and all the known knowledge available, that the mind magically ascends to a different plane in its search for answers.

That’s one heck of an hypothesis!  Yet, it may hold water, so to say, when you understand the possible existence of the Akashic Library–derived from Sanskrit meaning “the ether”, (space). I make this argument, gently, of course, since it requires a very open mind to follow my recent line of reasoning.

If great solutions to insoluble problems, or flashes of insights to inventions occur simultaneously to two or more inventors who have different influences, different lives, studied only some of the same materials, and so on, there must be some sort of commonality that occurs during their process of innovation. The possible commonality may be their unknowing ability to tap into the Akashic Library.

One characteristic of tapping into the Akashic Library, claimed in the literature,  is the sudden flash of brilliance or the sudden discovery of complete solutions, complete images, for those willing to be receptive to such input. Listen to just two of the typical inventors that made discoveries so powerful that those discoveries altered mankind forever.

Nikola Tesla claimed that his inventions came to him as one complete image, thought, vision and with such clarity that he was able to produce a physical model, accurate, and functioning following such instant enlightenment. He repeatedly claimed to be tapping into some alternate plane of knowledge. Some possible other dimension for his “visions”.

Thomas Townsend Browne was another such person who claimed that his insight into “Sidereal Radiation” had come to him “…suddenly and instantly ‘all at once’…”  [Source: OVERT WARS AND THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS by Joseph P. Farrell. Adventures Unlimited Press, Illinois. 2013. P. 226. ] What Browne had suddenly discovered and instantly envisioned was that gravity MIGHT be transmitted, that gravity pushes instead of pulls, or does both…the science is far above my comprehension so I can not do justice to explaining it here.   [My note for you: sidereal radiation is a cosmic force that emanates from one specific point within the constellation Hercules and influences mental performance and cellular growth here on earth. It is reputed to be among the subjects for secretive, advanced scientific research offering promise for mastering space travel and solving the world’s energy needs.]

But whether these great minds were unknowingly visiting the Akashic Library or merely tapping into their deep subconscious minds, the process for tapping into either resource is open to everyone.

Whether we are actually able to visit the Akashic Library or are merely amplifying the powers of our own subcoscious minds, the process for triggering either one is a human experience requiring extreme study and extreme dedication to seeking a solution to an insoluble problem.

When you do have your sudden vision, feel free to attribute the result to: Synchonicity, intuition, a flash of genius, the subconscious mind…or even the Akashic Library. Here is the 4-S process to solve insoluble problems and creating great innovations and inventions:

  1. SIMPLIFY your insoluble problem by spending an inordinate amount of time to clear define it. The more precise and crystal clear the definition and explanation of the problem the better the results will be.
  2. SATURATE your mind with everything possible related to your insoluble problem. Read, investigate, pour every once of your spirit and commitment and attention and desire into trying to discover written information, experiences of others, and absorb every bit of wisdom and knowledge possible.
  3. SWEAT over it. Insoluble problems are not easily resolved. So be prepared to work hard at information gathering, and especially collating all the information you obtain. Organize it. Study it. Try to master the subject matter, and to collect and study ALL the subject matter pertaining to your insoluble problem. Try various outcomes or possible effects of all that knowledge. Work it. Work hard at trying to solve it.
  4. SLEEP on it. After filling your mind with everything possible, and putting in many long hours, even weeks or months if the problem is large enough, strive for a very restful and deep sleep…but never one induced by alcohol or drugs of any sort.

That 4th step is known to many innovators. Sleep allows one to tap into their subconscious mind which effortlessly, and unknowingly, traps every minute detail seen or experienced by the person. But the subconscious mind is a tough beast to tame, at time, especially when harnessing it for solutions. Therefore, take no chances when it offers a solution to you. You’ll know it because you will awaken at the strangest hour with excitementIt is common wisdom that is offered in many sources that teach creativity: “Keep a notepad at your bedside.” You are very likely to awaken in the “middle of the night” with a viable solution to your so-called insoluble problem and if you choose to return to sleep, you’ll forget the solution upon awakening for the day.

Until I recently read about the Akashic Library, I had believed that these solutions came solely from one’s subconscious mind after it had a solid opportunity to digest, process, organize all the information and influences. Since recently learning about the Akashic Library, the repository for all that energy of humans throughout the evolution of mankind, I now believe that the subconscious mind does the heavy lifting, but that it somehow makes the quivalent of a phone call to the research desk of the Akashic Library.

Let me leave you with this advice. To solve your biggest problems, prepare your subconscious mind to visit your Akashic Library.