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Becoming Rich: Protect Your MONEY

If you think about how much money pours through your fingers over a lifetime of work you will be shocked. Over your career you will earn MILLIONS in gross pay. So, do you feel like a millionairre? No? No wonder…Likely,...

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To Succeed, FAIL 100,000 Times

Everyone likes to succeed at what they do. Nobody wants or enjoys failing. Failing creates all manner of stress and discomfort sometimes leading to suicide. On the other hand, success is a boost to one’s ego, sense of...

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Are you BORN to FAIL?

The short answer?  “NOPE”. You were born to succeed. Let’s take a look at the dynamics of failing and succeeding. Here’s a checklist to help you to recognize the failure-drivers often motivating...

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How WEALTHY Become / Stay Wealthy

The wealthy know how to pass their wealth from generation to generation. Each generation is taught very valuable wealth-growing and wealth-protecting lessons. Here are SEVEN of those WELATH-BUILDING lessons used by...

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