Do you even know what a sycophant is?

A sycophant is someone you trust who will offer you confirmation of your opinion in order to ingratiate you, to please you. You and I would call those people, a “Yes” person. Sycophants may be a friend, a spouse or a relative. A sycophant knowingly or otherwise, will provide a critique that does minimal damage or feeds your ego, sense of self worth, and confidence rather than a critique with some “negative” elements that may be more painful but much more valuable to your objective.

If you suspect you have sycophants critiquing your communiques such as your cover letter or your follow-up communications, then find yourself a mentor or at least some other person who will provide a more well-rounded critique, a more helpful critique. Sycophants may be fun to be with, but may not help your job seeking efforts. Don’t be afraid of having your ego bashed by some mentor with experience who “tells it like it is”.

Beware when asking a sycophant.