Ever wonder how those great companies discover great new products, strategies, advertising campaigns, new markets?  Ever wonder how some entrepreneurs discover wonderful new business ventures and amazing opportunities?

What is it that makes it possible for some average people to suddenly discover some of the world’s greatest innovations? What is it that inventors and innovators do that separates them from the rest of the pack and allows them to discover those brilliant, insightful, breathrough ideas that are so powerful it causes the world to change?

Can it even be defined? Even if it could be defined, can this “X-factor” be learned?


Those brilliant innovators posses a singular habit that differentiates them from the so-called common person. It is an ability…scratch that. It is a near-obsession to ask two paradoxically simple-appearing questions–simple in appearance, but powerful in their ability to leverage revelatory learnings.

That secret, which is not so secret to those in the know, is the habit of constantly wondering about things, everything, no exceptions. Great innovators, those discoverers of insightful, world-changing, businesses and business or product ideas constantly seek from everything, everyone, and everywhere, the answer to the world’s two most powerful questions: “Why?” and “How?”.

Great innovators are great information seekers. They are uncontrollably curious thinkers. They want to know the why and the how for just about everything. And they dig deeper and deeper building one why-how question off another why-how question until they drill down as deeply as their education, experience, emotions, passions, will let them. To use a metaphor, “Why-How?” is the drill bit that drills the hole to discovery. Your education, life-experiences, perceptions, courage, and other resources is the hand on the handle of the drill that may let you reach deeply enough to discover the revelation that lay deep within the hole.

Make it a habit to seek the why and the how of just about everything you are exposed to. Somewhere “out there” the world’s next great innovation is waiting for you to discover it.

Learn to observe as great innovators do by making it an insatiable habit to ask “Why?” and “How?”