Yikes. Reports are emerging that SUPERVOLCANOES are heating up and starting to become active. The most recent was a Zerohedge article announcing Antarctic is melting due to a Supervolcano under the ice shield.

An active volcano below the Antarctic ice shield is nothing new, but the notion that it is becoming more active is worthy of note.

It was Ker Than, back in November of 2013 who reported in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC that a new volcano was discovered years earlier, back in 2010, by a team of scientists. That new volcano was under the Antarctic ice shield. Than’s article was among those that first warned that the volcano, if it were to become more active,  could melt the Antarctica ice and cause oceans to rise.

Now Zerohedge is warning that the supervolcano is becoming more active.

On Nov 8, 2017 NEWSWEEK published an article citing NASA scientists discovering a hot plume of lava beneath the Antarctic ice shield, a plume, the article mentioned, as hot as the Yellowstone supervolcano. What is important to note from that article is the effect that the plume may have had on the ice shield back when the last ice age ended.

The article states that the earth began warming again 11,000 years ago!!  Compare that to recent government propaganda that would have you believe global climate change is your fault,  an accusation the government builds and proclaims based on a mere 120 years of data, or so, though the last cycle of cooling and warming lasted 11,000 years?!

Rising oceans, due to melting ice caused by more active volcanoes WILL AFFECT climate.  Note: Volcanoes will, people won’t. Volcanoes have nothing to do with emissions from progress, whether from transportation or manufacturing plants.  

Can your government stop supervolcanoes from heating up ice shields or from heating the planet itself?  Nope!

Is it a concern? Yes.

Is it an emergency?  Not yet.

Can you do anything about it? No.

Can you do anything at all?  Maybe.

You might be wise to assess your ownership in, or plans to buy,  ocean-side and lake-side homes, if the ice cap does continue to melt. Or, if you live on, or near, one of the areas in the list below, or are thinking of buying in or near one of the areas below, you might do well to keep your ear to the ground, (pun intended).

Reports emerged and were mentioned a few times in the past by Zerohedge that Yellowstone was also becoming more active. “…a long dormant volcano with the potential to cause a devastating eruption has been rumbling since mid-summer, making some scientists uneasy.” See End Note 1

Here’s a list of most, not all, supervolcanoes. Not all are of concern at this time:

  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Long-Valley (east California)
  • Valles (New Mexico)
  • Toba (Indonesia)
  • Taupo (New Zealand)
  • Aira (Japan)
  • La Garita (Colorado)
  • Tambora (Indonesia)
  • Baekdu Mountain (N. Korea)
  • Kurile (Russia)
  • Karymshina (Russia)
  • Pacana (Chile)
  • Cerro Galen (Argentina)
  • Pasto Grand (Bolivia)
  • Bennett Lake (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Macauley Island (New Zealand)


  1. “This is crazy – Antarctic Supervolcano is Melting The Ice-caps From Within”, by Tyler Durden. ZEROHEDGE. Nov 10, 2017.