Formally hand out assignments to members of your eco-system.See End Note #1

Your eco-system need not be large. Even a small eco-system of 4 or 5 people can accelerate your career and progress. If your focus is on accumulating wealth, your eco-system can be a powerful tool to help you develop and accelerate the acquisition of wealth and power. But you have to make your eco-system work for each member. Here’s how:

  • Be sure members of your eco-system consist of hard working people who are willing to work as hard and as long as you are. Wimpy knowledge workers need not apply, so to say.
  • Meet regularly to discuss SPECIFIC pre-ordained, and pre-assigned topics. The meetings need not be as frequent as weekly. Monthly or bi-monthly would be fine.
  • Refresh personal contact, if at all possible, and if your members can afford to do so. At lest once in while press the flesh. Shake hands and meet face-to-face.  If your members reside in other countries, it may not be possible to take the time, or to afford, travelling to one location for a face-to-face meeting. Then use SKYPE or FACETIME or some other technology to SEE each other and to talk to each other at least monthly or bi-monthly.
  • Each member of the system should be given a specific topic, subject, or area of expertise and be asked to extensively read REPUTABLE, useful, authoritative, sources of information to then provide updates about high-quality, peer-reviewed, authentic, evidence-based research.
  • An eco-system can handle multiple topics or areas of expertise simultaneously. Ask members to volunteer to handle themes of interest to the majority of the members. Then ask team members to step up to take “Chairperson” leadership for each theme. The Chair should then ask for volunteers from the eco-system. One member can volunteer for several themes. The chair should do the lion’s share of the work by outlining  key issues, problems, opportunities, or a specific focus within the theme which is worthy of exploring…and exploiting…for the benefit of all members of that eco-system.
  • Is there a maximum number of participants for any eco-system? Not really. However, for the sake of manageability, the same guidelines that apply to hosting work-focused task forces may be applicable for eco-systems, too. That is somewhere between 6 and 10 members, depending on the complexity of the topic in question.


  1. Learn more about the helpfulness of building your own eco-system by clicking here to read: MUPPET: YOUR OWN ECO-SYSTEM and also do a search using “Eco-System”.