Medical research now concludes that too many Americans have constricted arteries.

To be true to the announcement, it wasn’t announced that way. The announcements said, “high blood pressure guidelines were lowered to 130/80.” The medical profession did this because this most recent study PROVES that risk of strokes and heart attacks RISE dramatically as blood pressure readings rise above 130/80.

This study,  with over 30,000 participants, is a statistically significant study size. When a study of this size CONFIRMS a potential health problem exists, you can bet that it does and that it likely is important information to you.

But get this…

A week later came another study confirming AMERICANS are getting FATTER and DYING EARLIER than at previous times in recent history. [Thank you typical AMERICAN DIET!!…]

Coincidence?  Not a coincidence.

Many Americans already have blood pressure in the dangerous warning zone. This new study recognises that 30 million more Americans ought to be added to that dangerous warning category. Cardiovascular disease results in strokes or heart attacks.

Is the incidence of strokes and heart attacks really such a big problem?  You bet it is!!!!

Over 800,000 Americans DIE FROM CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE EACH YEAR according to the American Heart Association. Cardiovascular disease can be detected, that is,  you can be warned that you have a building problem by the level of your blood pressure readings. That warning NOW begins when your blood pressure climbs above 130/80. Above that number and the risks for TIA, stroke, and heart attack goes up dramatically!!

Cardiovascular disease kills 1 American EVERY  40 SECONDS;  2,200 each day!!

Unlike most chronic diseases, which make people FEEL sicker gradually, and over a long period of time, cardiovascular disease can result in sudden trauma  that goes virtually undetected until the ultimate crisis strikes. ,

Why does cardiovascular disease occur? What causes it?

FAT MOLECULES!  In  the BLOOD STREAM, blockages of arteries and veins develop over a number of years. In the arteries and veins, fat molecules carried by the blood stream build-up. Those fat molecules get deposited between the outer layers of the walls of the arteries and eventually burst through to become a lesion, (damage), that the body rushes to repair. Fat continues to pour out into the “pipe” of the artery or vein and the body continues to pile on its repair mechanism. Unlike most invaders, the body repair mechanism can’t simply digest it and carry it away. A build up in pipes of the arteries and veins is called a plaque after that buildup becomes hardened lesions that  adheres to the wall of a vein or artery and reduces their elasticity. Commonly, we refer to that buildup of plaque, and the loss of elasticity as hardening of the arteries.

Blood pressure readings is one of the better ways by which we can tell of the progress of that “hardening” inside our bodies–least expensive, non-invasive, convenient. BP readings are an EARLY WARNING INDICATOR.

Knowing this, you should have your blood pressure readings taken REGULARLY, even if you do not feel sick. If your doctor tells you your blood pressure is above 130/80 and prescribes “high blood pressure medications” you should take those medications or debate the merits of diet modifications such as switching to a strict vegan diet and a regular exercise and relaxation program.

If your blood pressure readings are above 130/80 you have only two choices: take your doctor-prescribed  blood-pressure meds, or switch to a vegan diet with no oils whatsoever.