Likely you’ve here the admonition to “work smarter, not harder”?  But how do you do that?

Throughout this website I’ve provided tips for prioritizing, using the Pareto Concept, etc.  But there is an even easier-to-remember method that I will reduce to an adage, right now:

   Before you act or commit, screen it with this question: Does this action, or the end product, CONTRIBUTE SUFFICIENT VALUE?

Too often we act without weighing the significance of the project or request. By ensuring your valuable time is spent mostly on valuable, significant contributions, you can appear to multiply your output while conserving your energy, strength, and capacity. Additionally, by managing your efforts towards significant contributions you will generally fend off confusion, complications with office politics, and the frustrations that come with running out of adequate resources or adequate time.

By working on contributions of sufficient value, you will be working smarter and not necessarily harder.