For those people making remarkable progress with their health and diseases while on the lifestyle Dr. John A. McDougall, M.D.,recommends, the STARCH SOLUTION, occasionally a few people mention that they are still SOMETIMES, but not always, hungry.

“Eat more” is not a sufficient answer, though it is the accurate answer. But not, “eat more at any one sitting”. It’s eat more when you do feel hungry, later, after your main meals, or between meals. In other words, feel free to snack on healthy starch solution mini-meals as your snacks throughout the day. THAT is the answer. But there are 5 other actions to keep in mind, too.

I’ve learned that those people who mention they are still hungry on a Starch Solution have SOMETIMES failed to adjust their PSYCHOLOGY of EATING to accommodate the great opportunity that the “Starch Solution” offers.

  1. Get over the hesitation to eat as much starch as you’d like at various times throughout the day. It is almost impossible to over-eat, or to eat too may calories when following Dr. McDougall’s great advice to eat healthy starches. No calorie counting or measuring portion sizes. Don’t think you will get by on 3 meals a day. You will likely need to supplement your main meals with between-meal snacks. Make those snacks healthy snacks as prescribed by Dr. McDougall’s lifestyle plan.
  2. Break the FOOD-ENTERTAINMENT habit. Far too many people feel hungry in the evening because they made it a bad habit to eat unhealthy snacks or late meals while watching TV. Over time that pleasure can become an addiction, from a mild one to a serious one. Break your habits of eating while watching TV. Disassociate food and food pleasures from TV pleasures. It’ll take about one month for you to break that bad habit, longer and harder if you’ve created an addiction for yourself.
  3. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach for some healthy starches and convert that into a tasty treat for an occasional evening snack. If you can’t, or don’t want to break the food-pleasure-in-front-of-TV eating addiction, then keep a large bowl of cooked brown rice at the ready in your refrigerator and plan ahead to munch on that for your evening’s pleasurable snack. You can occasionally add a small amount of a delicious topping such as sweet-and-sour sauce. Or, instead, you might reach for some almond milk to pour over a small bowl of bran flakes smothered in blueberries, strawberries, and pears, topped with a dash of cinnamon.  Once you understand the concept of eating healthy starches, as detailed in the STARCH SOLUTION, you can eat healthfully just about anytime throughout the day and you can experiment to invent your own delicious pleasures while likely improving your health.
  4. Change your habits. Instead of plopping on the sofa and mindlessly flipping TV channels, and tempting yourself to eat bad foods during your boring evening routine, change your evening routine. Disassociate your habit of depending on TV to relax in the evenings. Try something different that you have not yet spoiled by simultaneously eating.
  5. Go to bed earlier. You may have trained yourself to stay awake watching TV until the 11 pm news or later to justify getting the most from your day. If that is the case, try heading to bed at 10 pm to remove that last hour that, because of tiredness and weakness of willpower will present your greatest nibbling temptations.


  1. Dr. John A. McDougall’s, STARCH SOLUTION, is an excellent lifestyle for many people to follow…be sure to check with your doctor before making any changes to your diets, exercise, or therapies. If you wish to learn more about the STARCH SOLUTION, click here to read a few testimonials at…  Or….watch the video below which I linked from