Ever wonder where researchers and scientists get their ideas for medications for their next big drug that enriches pharmaceutical companies? Those scientists turn to NATURE. They are well aware that copying nature provides the ANSWERS to almost every problem faced by people on this planet. Using nature as the source for answers to problems is a problem-solving methodology called “Biomimicry”. [Type, “Biomimicry” in our search field for more info.]

By now you must have herd of the outcry to the destruction of the rain forests because of the potential loss of thousands of plants species and insects which may provide answers to many problems we have yet to even imagine. By destroying the vegetation and insects before scientists can discover them, study them, and copy their solutions, we, the people of earth, are being robbed of a brighter, healthier, smarter future.

In this regard, BIG PHARMACEUTICAL companies, (big pharma), play a crucial role for the well-being of peoplekind. It is not you or I who is spending our money and taking trips into the forests of the Amazon in search of plants and insects that hold the solution to our future health. Big Pharma is doing that on our behalf.

In addition to tripping through the Amazon, big pharma are also working with known vegetation and studying the health effects of such.

One area of research is the study of health effects from SPICES.

It has long been known that it is PLANT foods that provide the most important micro-nutrients which are almost completely lacking in animal foods. So, plenty of research by big pharma is directed at the tens of thousands of molecules that constitute those micro-nutrients found in vegetation.

Each molecule under study is extracted, concentrated into a pharmacological purity and dosage and then tested. If results prove positive, that pharmaceutical company then proceeds to spend billions of dollars to discover a patented process by which to make that particular molecule in the laboratory, so in synthetic form for mass distribution.

Often, the dosages required to stop or reverse a lifetime of damage from a bad diet are so high that, once a lifetime of bad choices causes a chronic disease to be diagnosed, many people do not believe that by improving their nutrition, by eating plenty of whole-plant foods that diseases can be slowed, stopped, even reversed. And that makes big pharma very happy. Big pharma is there to provide pharmaceutical-grade concentrations, in synthetic form, of a particular micro-nutrient. People are only too happy to take a pill instead of piling veggies on their plates.

When we say “whole-plant foods”, we also include the wonderful world of SPICES.

Big pharma is also paying attention to the miraculous results that nature provides from eating SPICES. But, no reason you need to wait for big pharma to do its thing. No need to wait until you have a health problem and need a highly-concentrated, synthetic-form of the micro-nutrient found in whole foods and spices. Have some every day, or nearly every day and you may be able to head off suffering from a debilitating health problem.

For example, SAFFRON, is a delicious spice. When was the last time you enjoyed a liberal amount of saffron in your meal? Did you know that there is a molecule in saffron that has a profound impact in the PROTECTION of our eyes, including possibly slowing or stopping or even possibly reversing some forms of blindness caused by advancing age. See End Note 1 Big pharma knows this.

Until a pill comes along, there is nothing to stop you from adding this spice to an appropriate meal as a flavouring and possibly reaping some health benefits that may protect your vision as you further age.

Here are few more spices to add to your meals as often as practical:

OREGANO: believed to be an immune system booster and , it is believed, there are plenty of other potential health benefits.

TURMERIC (CURCUMIN) and GINGER: each of these spices is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. [It is still controversial whether it is cholesterol or inflammation that results in chronic disease such as heart attacks and strokes.

CINNAMON: believed to control blood-sugar, (blood glucose), spikes. I enjoy adding a pinch to my coffee and I often sprinkle a bunch on my bowl of mixed fruits.

BASIL: an immunity booster.

GARLIC and ONIONS: believed to be an immunity system booster and believed to have some effect on lowering blood pressure.

The above list is a start. You can check out the internet for other spices, there is plenty written out there. The point of this Nugget is to get you to think about being generous in the number of spices you use in your meals, and to apply generous amounts when you do use spices. PROVIDED, your doctor gives you permission to do so.

NOTE: this Nugget, as all Nuggets on this website, is intended for information or entertainment purposes and does NOT constitute a recommendation for you. Be sure to check with your doctor before making any changes to your diet, SPICES, exercise, therapies, etc.


1- “Saffron could stop blindness and cure eye disease” published in News Medical Life Sciences. May 17, 2009.