On July 23, 2016, I read an article posted at MarketWatch.com titled, “Here’s the Real Secret to Losing Weight and Staying Thin…” and shook my head. Here we go again. DISTRACTIONS. Incomplete information. SENSATIONALISM. None of which helps people like you or me to lose weight or manage our health.


If YOU want to cut through all the bullshit surrounding this or that diet, most of which is nearly impossible to sustain over a lifetime, spend about 17 minutes to watch the video posted at YouTube  in the link below.  This is no sales pitch…obviously, since this is public information posted at YouTube. Watch this and tell your friends to watch this... “The food we were born to eat…”

Sure, anyone can lose weight and keep it off by exercising STRENUOUSLY for about 6 hours daily. But can you do that for the rest of your life. NO!  Is keeping weight off a matter of strict discipline and a contest of willpower? Ridiculous!! Is it a matter of hovering over every plate and counting calories like some obsessed fool? NO!  It is at matter of starving yourself for the rest of your life? NO!

So, what’s the secret to losing weight and keeping it off forever?  NO SECRET. Simply watch this video:  “The food we were born to eat…”    It may even save your life and the lives of your children and your significant others.  As a by-product you will love the foods, lose weight, effortlessly stay thin for a lifetime,  feel healthier and save about 50% on your food bills, without having to spend a fortune on anything. No counsellors, No physical trainers, No doctors. No surgeons. Results that stun others who look at you, without having to exercise all day long like a crazy person.

So why don’t “they” tell you about this?  Because, nobody makes much money from this, if people like you know about it. So, “they” do not want you to know about this, else, NOBODY WOULD MAKE MUCH MONEY. It’s in “their” vested interests, and financial interests, to keep you confused, distracted and mired in nutritional ignorance.

Here’s your one chance to break free from all that confusion. This is so easy to grasp you’ll almost cry because you didn’t know it before now. It’ll take 17 minutes for you to have your own “epiphany”, as I did and those brand-new skinnier, and much happier, people around me.  Watch:   “The food we were born to eat…”,

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: This is a presentation to the TED Forum. What’s that? I describe it as a non-profit, unbiased, forum to share great ideas with brilliant people like scientists and CEOs. Take a few minutes to be a fly on the wall at one of these prestigious TED Forums during which some amazing nutritional facts were revealed to some of the most educated people on earth, many of whom were also mired in misinformation, just like you and I. Watch this:  “The food we were born to eat…”

May you wrestle back to your own control that nutritional force that has become blurred and obscured by forces greater than you or I.