Back in the 1980’s, it was identified that there was 33% more cars being manufactured, globally, than the demand ever called for. Back then, hundreds of thousands of cars were let to rust or being dumped into the ocean. Since then, industrial production has become more efficient, computerization and robotics allowed companies to make more, faster, in order to achieve “economies of scale” in manufacturing. Like any other good equation, when only one part is adjusted for efficiency but it doesn’t balance with the entire, wholistic equation, the entire stream of economics get distorted and can be trashed. Here is just one photo of one car lot, from among many THOUSANDS, of car lots around the world, filled with cars with no place to go. No demand.

What’s worrisome about this is that cars are being made to keep up manufacturing efficiency only.  Sooner or later, this part of the equation will have to be adjusted down to stop the huge waste of raw materials, and valuable land for parking the unwanted vehicles. If manufacturing costs must be taken down further, as it will, those of you working in the automotive manufacturing sector better be on your tip toes and be looking for warning signs in the months ahead.

Want to visually see just how great the current economic upturn is?  Just take a look at how the cars are piling up in the “unsold” parking lots–photo courtesy GOOGLE MAPS. Click on the image below to visit just one manufacturer’s inventory lots…zoom in and zoom out…and move around a bit…there are thousands of lots like this around the world.   For much more in-depth information, please also click on the ZEROHEDGE.COM link right here:          ALSO: BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW and zoom in and out and move around the property a bit to see all other sections. It’ll help you appreciate the crazy number of cars hopefully awaiting buyers…but there are too few buyers to consume much of this!

Aerial of car inventory lots thousands of cars unsold no place to go