Let’s put the discussion of resume length into perspective. The more I read of books and articles about how best to apply for jobs, the more I become concerned with the attention that is paid to resume length. People are not being overlooked for jobs because of resume length. There are far more important factors.

If you were a coach who had a superstar athlete on your team, would you bench him or her because he or she talked too much before or after the game? If you were the director of a theater stage play, would you bench your star performer who filled the house just because a few of the other actors didn’t like him or her?

Though my analogies may be less than note worthy, I hope you get the picture. A reviewer of a resume is shopping for candidates who will help make the company thrive and grow. The resume reviewer is looking for great credentials in candidates and can not dare ignore a resume merely because of length.

CONTENT. FIT,  and ENGAGEMENT are what matter far more than mere resume length. Yet rules such as 3/4 to 1 page per 10 years experience can be a helpful reminder to write a resume in a meaningful manner…meaningful to the reader–interesting, comprehensible, powerful, and not too verbose. But length is not a hard and fast rule to disqualify a resume. Resumes get discarded because of poor content, poor fit, and poor engagement.

In those precious first few seconds of reading a resume, you must ENGAGE the reader and compel him or her to read your content so you can prove your content does indeed tightly FIT, (matches), the job specs. Engagement buys you a few seconds to prove your case. But just a precious few seconds. So when you write your resume get to the point. Be brief. Focus on your most salient attributes. Get your “story” across. But don’t be restrained by number of pages.

If it were simply resume length, everyone submitting “1 page or 2 pages” would get hired.  One has to finesse their way into a job. Revealing tips and tactics to help you learn more ways to finesse,  is one of the goals for this website.