[Note: what follows is for information purposes and is not a recommendation suitable for everyone. Before making any changes to your lifestyle, consult your doctor and do not make any changes to your medical therapies, medications, or any other program that has already been prescribed by your doctor.]


If you are sick with:  artery problems, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, enlarged heart, enlarged prostate, some kidney problems, some cancers, memory problems, erectile dysfunction, some forms of arthritis, migraine headaches, heartburn, acid reflux, constipation…and more…your time might be well spent by watching the video at the link below, at YOUTUBE.com. It is a seminar to laypeople by one of the world’s foremost doctors who is arresting and even CURING many chronic diseases caused by less-than-optimal nutrition.  Dr. John McDougall, M.D., can be seen in action at one of his many seminars. This one is titled, The Ultimate Diet Therapy  and  can be viewed by clicking here. 

Among his many valuable lessons, I improved my understanding of the cause of confusion from the many news reports of contradictory research findings. One day: such and such is good for you. Almost the next day, that is bad and some other thing is better for you.

Because each study is looking for the a specific mechanism for each disease, the study will indeed find one, but highly likely the one mechanism is not the right one or the only one since it is merely one among many, possibly hundreds or thousands of mechanisms. This is called REDUCTIONIST  research.

At the other end of the research tool box is those studies which use extremely large sample sizes, sometimes into the millions of people, across scores of countries, called EPIDEMIOLOGICAL  studies. Epidemiological studies attempt to examine ALL THE MECHANISMS COMBINED.

Which is better? Reductionist research or epidemiological research? Let’s leave that debate up to the researchers and the pharmaceutical companies, though I’m certain that the pharmaceutical companies strongly favor reductionist studies.

A number of doctors who have turned to improving patient health through improved nutrition are succeeding at managing many chronic diseases because they are applying the results of the many nutritionally-focused epidemiological studies. They have surmised that, since so many epidemiological studies point to nutrition, or should I say, point to less-than-optimal nutrition, as the overall common cause of many chronic diseases, improving nutrition ought to improve patient health. Are they correct?

Thousands upon thousands of successful treatments suggest that they are correct.

The outcomes they achieve is today’s hard evidence. But there is no mystery to what they are doing. One has only to read of their results published in their various books or peer-reviewed scientific research reports about their work.  These doctors concluded that it just makes sense that nutrition is the high-level cause of many chronic diseases, as reported by the many epidemiological studies they examined. Common sense would suggest that if chronic diseases are caused by a lifetime of eating certain foods, then chronic disease ought to be arrested or even cured by correcting that “fault”, meaning, by changing the foods eaten. Can the solution to treating many chronic diseases be as simple as applying COMMON SENSE?

These doctors have PROVEN that it is…Mind you, in some of their patient cases, chronic disease is so advanced that the patients must remain on certain medications to mitigate symptoms. But in the large majority of cases, these doctors have proven and continue to prove, it is better late than never to modify one’s nutritional program by applying common sense.

Dr. McDougall, M.D., who has spent a lifetime treating patients and CURING the majority of his patients of chronic diseases, has been trying to convince people to think with common sense. He’s not alone. There are other doctors who also take this common-sense approach and who also arrest and often cure their patients of chronic disease and who also continue to convince patients to modify their nutritional program for the sake of their long-term health […and to protect their wealth from being ravaged by the medical system]. These other doctors include: Dr. Ornish, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Fhurman, Dr. Swank, Dr.. Kempner, to name just a few.

It is the manner with which Dr. McDougall summarises the crux of this very complex manner, that is appealling: “Remove the handle“.  (To understand this better, view the Dr. McDougall video at the link above.)

Dr. McDougall summarises findings from an extensive number of epidemiological research reports, and his success with his patients  in his real-world medical practice: “Remove the handle“.