It happens almost every day in high technology.  A disruptive technology turns a marketplace onto its head and creates buzz and excitement for the consumers of that technology. 3M did it. Apple did it. I’m sure you can think of many companies that have done it. Well…what if a company did that in the job recruiting marketplace. They’d be heros. right?!  A company is doing just that.

In the world of competition, it is the innovation that improves the business model, or product itself, that attracts a great deal of attention.  Such (positive) disruptive innovations are not mere product or service extensions, but are unexpected, turn-the-market-onto-its-head, breakthrough products, services, or business models. In this instance it is a business model that is a positive disruptor.

This is nugget about a recruiting firm out there that turned the recruiting marketplace on its head.  This nugget is about a company out there that gives job seekers a much better way to find their next job–where companies come to compete for the candidate, rather than the traditional old model of candidates competing for a company’s time and attention by granting an interview.

Here’s how it works.

Once a candidate meets this recruiting company’s criteria and makes it to their list of people they will represent, companies come to those candidates. Did you miss that?  …COMPANIES COME TO THEIR CANDIDATES. While it is not as fantastical as grab a coffee, put your feet up on the desk, lean back and wait for the phone to ring…it is damn close to that.

Okay. You are wondering how much it will cost you.  How does this firm get paid? This company takes a very small percentage of the successful candidates’ salary for a limited few years. The hiring company pays that. The hiring company pays a small percentage of your salary to this recruiting firm. If a company saves time and also finds a highly qualified candidate, the small fee paid–consider it a commission–is a mere pittance, like the cost of spilled coffee at a meeting.

This company, HIRED.COM, screens through data submitted by potential candidates and selects the top few percentage of them. Then, it is up to the hiring companies to pitch and sell to the candidates in question. THEY COME TO YOU. Hiring companies try to convince candidates to join that hiring company and to do so must provide significant amounts of information to be able to pitch candidates and create interest.  Imagine that. Companies offering full disclosure, salaries being disclosed up front, too, to try to win your attention and interest instead of the traditional, OLD MODEL filled with tension and anxiety during which candidates donned a smile and sold their soul to attract the attention of a hiring company.

As for companies seeking to hire qualified employees,’s website says this: “Only 5% of candidate applications are accepted. We do the filtering upfront for Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Managers and UX/UI Designers…Hire the talent that moves your company forward in less than 30 days for less than the cost of a recruitment agency.  ”

As for candidates, I’m sure they will like this message posted on’s website: “Forget mass messaging and meager response rates. 40% of interview requests made to candidates on our marketplace get accepted…The average salary on Hired is $125K…We believe recruiting should be transparent, unbiased, and that the talent should be in control. Our one week “auctions” provide upfront offers from vetted and funded companies, dedicated talent advocates, and…”  Well there is more but I’ll leave it to you to check out this company. [Click here to go to HIRE.COM. ]