If you want to earn more money, you’ll need to get a promotion.

This is a 10-part series of “Nuggets” to help lay out a path to a better, higher-paid, job that is better fitted to your competencies. But you’ll notice, you’ll have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.


There will be certain road signs, mile markers, locked down in writing by the company, after it sets its goals and objectives. Those are SET POINTS, signs that the path is the correct one and progress is being made. Each goal and objective has many set points. Each can be viewed as a barrier or as a potential opportunity.

Assuming you are fully aligned, you will be committed to view set points as opportunities. You will be committed to doing more of them and doing them better to help the company acquire its various targets. If you stay alert and if you anticipate that some of those set points might fail, there are opportunities to provide early detection of the potential failures, or, if you are too late for that, opportunities during the analysis phase to learn why the person, team or company failed to achieve that particular set point.

Identify set points and be alert to providing suggestions to prevent failures. Certainly be ready to offer suggestions, in a respectful manner, when asked for ideas or suggestions for problem resolution.

Set points can be barriers and opportunities…depending on your own mind set.  If a set point didn’t live up to expectations, that’s the time for reflection, analysis, and helpful suggestions.

A missed or failed set point will become a setback if it is not corrected rather quickly. It may take new ideas, an innovation, an experiment, etc., but that is where you can shine, if you are ready to contribute a helpful preventative or corrective thought or two.