QuantumThink®   When we, at Boom-QA.com, were managing and working with our various teams at several large corporations, we often noticed what we believed to be “ineffective thinking”, thinking that focused on limitations and turned moveable limitations into insurmountable barriers. We’d work hard to encourage the employee to try to think in a different manner to help conceive of ways by which the end result MIGHT be achieved and then to simply try plans in that direction. When his or her thinking focused on new ways to deconstruct the obstacles, much more would be accomplished and within a more efficient time line. The entire pattern of limitation thinking tends to be self-reinforcing.

Recently, we learned of Ms. Dianne Collins and her teachable concept of QuantumThink® . We believe that QuantumThink® is a system worthy of more attention from our readership, particularly for managers who wish to help their direct reports to learn to think in ways that may help break through self-imposed barriers. It is our opinion that our readership, both managers and non-managers,  will benefit from this brief introduction to Ms. Dianne Collins and to her system  called QuantumThink® .

Dianne Collins is a an important thought-leader of our time and the creator of the QuantumThink® system of thinking. She spent considerable time studying many subjects, from physics to metaphysics, to create a system of thinking comprised of principles and practices that make it quick and easy for anyone to borrow from science and spirituality and to apply a number of important principles from those sources to thinking.  Dianne is a graduate of the University of Miami in Philosophy and Psychology and a lifelong student of Siddha Yoga and numerous leading-edge models.  Her varied experiences as a Fortune 100 corporate manager, an award-winning photographic artist, a video producer, and currently as a consultant to business executives and entrepreneurs, contribute to her extraordinary ability to express complex subjects in clear and powerful ways that benefit people instantly. 

Collins has appeared on more than 100 radio and TV shows; her workshops and consulting sessions are widely sought after by a clientele that includes politicians, celebrities, and CEOs alike. Her system has been presented to, and used successfully, by executives and leaders in Accenture, AT&T, Chase Bank, CNN, DuPont, Sprinty, and McKinsey, by officials and managers in the United States government agencies including the Federal Executive Institute, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, and the National Partnership for Reinventing Government under Vice President Al Gore; Accenture, AT&T, Chase Bank, CNN, Dupont and Sprint; to leaders and officials in the United States government including the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense. 

Collins explains that our thinking has not evolved past an ‘Industrial Age’ paradigm rooted in a mechanical world view. Einstein’s relativity and the quantum physics of the 20th century initiated a process of dismantling that archaic model of thinking.



Click here to learn more about her book titled, “Do You QuantumThink?: New Thinking That Will Rock Your World.” 

 QuantumThink®  is a registered trademark of Ms. Dianne Collins.