If you have not experienced this, you will be amazed.

What always surprised me when I emptied the contents of grocery bags was the small quantity of food for the amount spent. Like you, I convinced myself that I was getting what I paid for. I thought that eating “healthy foods” meant to pay the high costs to follow the American diet of meats, fish, poultry, dairy, and “heart-healthy” oils, occasionally chowing down on fake meats made of textured vegetable protein, (TVP).

About 6 months ago I learned of a healthier way to eat. Ever since, I go to a grocery store much less frequently and, when I do, my grocery bills average a lot less. I thought I had stumbled onto a “secret” formula for becoming wealthy!  But, I’m just late to the party, so to say. Others have mentioned this “secret” years ago.

In 2013, Dr. John A. McDougall gave a seminar during which he mentioned that “…people can save money by changing what they eat”. Thus, hats off to Dr. McDougall for sharing this. During that seminar, Dr. McDougall goes on to tell us about the health and sexual benefits of adopting this change. But I know you are not interested in the health and sex benefits, rather, the financial opportunity this presents. So, let’s compute some hypothetical savings.

What do you have to do? Simply, stop eating: meats, fish, dairy products, poultry, oils, foods or treats made with oils, and fake meats made from textured vegetable protein, (TVP).

That’s it. That’s your wealth-building “secret”. Now, let’s calculate some savings…

Let’s assume it costs $25 a day to feed yourself the old way, that is, by following the American diet. That includes food costs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the day and snacks while watching TV in the evening.

The new way might cost you about $14 a day, sometimes much less. Your daily savings?  $25 – $14 = $11 daily. SAVINGS of $11 daily x 365 days a year = $4,015 per year!!(see End Note)   If you were to save all that money each year for 20 years you’d save:

In 20 years:  $4,014 per year  x  20 years = $80,280.

If two adults followed the above “not-so-secret” formula, that would save approximately $8,000 a year or approximately $8,000 x 20 years = $160,000(see End Note)   over the 20 years. And likely more, since the costs of food, especially animal products and fish, are likely to escalate substantially during the next 20 years.

You’ve heard the adage, “Put your money where your mouth is”?  That’s what Americans quite literally have been doing by paying the high costs to conform to the American diet. Costs, that is, in terms of buying those foods and paying for the accompanying chronic diseases.

Instead of putting your money where your mouth is, put healthier food in your mouth and put your money where your pockets or investment accounts are.

End Notes

$4,000 AFTER tax and deductions would be the same benefit to you as if your employer gave you a $5,600 RAISE, roughly, meaning, in terms of before tax and deductions dollars.

$160,000 represents approximately $225,000 if you looked at it as if it was in terms of earnings before-tax dollars and deductions. The savings becomes magnified much more if the money saved is invested wisely into a safe, reliable, interest-bearing financial instrument each year during that 20 years. Thereby allowing you to enjoy the benefits of what wealthy people enjoy: compound interest.