Protect and nurture TRUST throughout your company.

Humans are wonderful and capable. They can accomplish great things, build great civilizations. And they do so only when people can TRUST one another.

Trust is magical. From love and great friendships, to money having value because we trust our government to honor its debt. Everything works if trust is present. Nothing works if trust is absent. Trust is digital. Like the zeros and ones that make computers work, trust either exists or it doesn’t.

Trust exists upon two people first meeting, unless one party has already been victimized. It doesn’t have to be earned. But once destroyed trust can never return, it can never be re-earned. One lie, a deception, a disrespectful act, can destroy trust  as quickly as a light switch flipped off.

Once it is destroyed, what arises in its place is ugly: deception, suspicion,  and great amounts of energy directed towards manipulating the parties involved. A huge waste of resources are redirected trying to right the wrong.

What’s the remedy?

Replace the party that caused the breach of trust. If it is the leader(s) who is caught being disrespectful to the talent pool, then that leader has to go, for, no employee in that company will have trust as long as that leader(s) remains. When trust is breached, an apology is at best mere entertainment. Apologies have no power to re-establish trust.  Damage can not be undone by mere words.

The only one way to restore trust between the employees and the company is to REPLACE THE COMPLICIT parties. That may include the board of directors having to fire the leader, or when boards are caught lying to the public and to shareholders, the board, itself, must go.  No employee ought to be immune from being replaced if he or she breaches trust.

Disrespecting people is one of the surest ways to compromise and destroy trust. [Use search box to read about dangers of “Managerial Ego”.] Trust is too delicate to be tested by deception, lies or disrespect. Make this your mantra: “Business works only if trust is present”.

Leaders should cherish trust and treat protecting it as their NUMBER ONE MANDATE.