Work BOTH Brains–You Have 2:

Your head contains a conscious mind and a sub-conscious mind. TWO brains. The process of tapping into your sub-conscious mind can help accelerate your learning of almost anything.

It’s a well-known “fact” in inventing circles that after you cram your mind with all the facts and after you spent many hours of hard study and learning…that is, trying to master the subject matter, if you then get a good nights sleep, the answers seem to automatically come to you first thing upon awakening. That’s because your sub-conscious mind sees things, makes linkages, discovers concepts which your conscious mind just can’t. The sub-conscious is your very own super-computer. Sometimes the answer is so powerful and so compelling that your sub-conscious mind will awaken you in the middle of a sound sleep.

Bank on your sub-conscious mind. USE THAT POWER TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

Just before heading to bed, set aside about 15 minutes to go over your materials at least one more time, but just before going to bed. Then, when you climb in bed, try to achieve a tranquil position and gently review the information in your mind as you drift off to sleep.

Then, upon awakening, review your material immediately. Immerse yourself in a review of your notes.

Like any other muscle, the more you exercise the power of calling upon your sub-conscious in the manner suggested here, the more your sub-conscious will cooperate to help accelerate your results.

Peaceful dreams!