Each DAY be sure to accomplish at least one ACTION STEP from your “ALIGNED To-Do List“.  Complete at least ONE of the top priority actions from your “aligned” to-do list EACH day.

Reverse engineer your annual objective AND your career plan to create a daily “To-D0” list. Each daily “To-Do” list must contain at least one or more of the most critical action steps that will result in the accomplishment of your important objectives and career plan. Your own critical action steps on your daily to-do list are what transforms an ordinary to-do list into a powerful, strategically-aligned, career-enhancing to-do list–thus, the moniker  “aligned”.

Today, few workers tend to use a to-do list; still fewer, an “aligned” to-do list.

There is nothing exciting about using a to-do list of any sort. Motivate yourself to do so by reminding yourself that success happens by taking one step at a time and doing so consistently each day. An “aligned” to-do list can help most people achieve outstanding business and career results.