Recently I was asked, “From everything you have been reading, what is your BEST ADVICE?”

Have a PLAN-B for everything. Especially, your job.

You can only have a PLAN-B if you question the news you hear. So ask a lot of questions. Much of the news you hear, mass media or alternate media, is slanted, biased, and has a hidden agenda. Much of it is influenced by big bucks from manufacturers. You will never know when you are being exposed to misinformation.  You better learn how to ask questions so you can prepare yourself with appropriate PLAN-Bs.

Question everything. And…use your COMMON SENSE.

On the job, do everything you can to increase your value to your employer, [read my post on 28 ways to add value], but get your resume in tip top shape. But also watch your money while you are employed and earning it. Use your income responsibly.

My best advice is to have a PLAN-B for everything, especially your job and your savings. So, build a resume. Keep it strong and updated. AND, visit your certified, qualified Financial Planner or a Financial Analyst.

Common sense tells us that something is wrong with the world’s economy. So, don’t ignore common sense. And…common sense is telling you to have a PLAN-B for your employment and your savings.