If you think unemployment problems are bad now, the years ahead are going to be BRUTAL. Various studies done in 2013, and this year, in 2014, are pointing out that about 50% of jobs in North America AND in Europe are going to be exposed. Erased. When companies implement robotics, automation, and drones, many of today’s good jobs are going to drop like flies. Of course, it stands to reason, that repetitive, low-wage, low-skill jobs are most at risk. However, don’t get all uppity because you think your job may be beyond the reach of improved software programs. Whatever your job, think hard about how technology can replace you. Don’t let yourself get blindsided.

What to do to prepare for that terrible future?  First, there is no fixed date as to when that future is going to arrive. In some companies, for some jobs, it may come very soon, in the next 5 to 10 years. In other companies and jobs, it may be as much as one human  generation, but likely sooner.

How can you prepare now to survive or maybe a more relevant question would be, what can you do to prepare your children or grandchildren who will definitely have to face that new technological future?

The secret is to switch our paradigm from thinking of how machines and computers can serve the human, to thinking in what ways, how we can serve machines. Creepy, huh?  But relevant. People will have great jobs if they are among the select few who can repair, manage, build, and design those machines which help corporations manufacture and run more profitably. That means we mere mortals must learn to master robotics, automation, hydraulics, electronics, electricity, pipefitting, and any other skill relevant to those future technologies. There will be plenty of jobs related to serving the machines of the future: repairing, designing, engineering, assembling, modifying, operating.

If you can be of benefit to a corporation as it transitions into the new technological age, then you likely will be in demand.

Learn to ask of emerging technology and machines,  “How can I serve you?”