Let me be cute for a moment.  [Yeah. Yeah. I deserve that: “With face as ugly as mine…”  Okay, you had your chuckle for the day.]

You likely already heard of this cute saying: “The Chinese ideogram for CRISIS contains two words, ‘Problem’ and ‘Opportunity'”. Opportunity can also come without a crisis.

When Mosaic browser was invented, there was no “crisis”. Yet, Mosaic became the single-most important tool to save countless hours among average citizenry who otherwise would have had to master keystroking and programming to use a computer, something the majority of people are not able to do. Because it was an ENABLER, a game-changer,  it allowed Internet to flourish by making it easy for almost everyone to go nuts on the Net. When Internet flourished, many other opportunities were enabled and those many opportunities enabled insanely high levels of wealth for employees and investors who participated.

There are plenty of enablers: Leaders, technology, even legislation such as the pending regulations to legalize marijuana in Canada in approximately September, 2018.

Canada is on the verge of implementing legislation and regulations to allow sales of cannabis, (marijuana). In that case, the legislation is the ENABLER, a game-changer. In my opinion, that legislation ENABLES the sales of marijuana in Canada. If sales of marijuana are enabled, the huge pent-up demand ought to make this market space take off and go as high as a kite, pardon the pun.

Even the WHO, (World Health Organization), is facilitating and acting as a global ENABLER by suggesting non-hallucinatory cannabis should be treated differently from narcotics and be removed from narcotic lists and penalties. We can expect more countries to follow Canada’s lead. This SPACE, the growing, processing and sales of cannabis, (marijuana), will be absolutely monstrous.

ENABLERS are rule-changers, PARADIGM-SHIFTERS, game-changers!  When you spot an enabler, you may be looking at an opportunity for massive wealth.

Investors who take advantage of ENABLERS may be, but are never guaranteed to be, well-rewarded for their risks. You need not lament missed opportunities using your excellent 20:20 hindsight vision, if you can recognize enablers as they are developing around you.

ENABLERS are everywhere such as within: automation, robotics, solar panels, electric vehicles, drones, etc.

ENABLERS can be money-makers.