Keep your wits about you. The misdirection, misinformation, propaganda machine is now going to run at full power following the recent new American Dietary Guidelines which is creating a free-for-all.

The Olive Oil industry has tipped its hand. It is cranking up a flood of studies around consuming Olive oil. Their objective, of course, is to significantly increase the sales of Olive oil. That means, your health is about to be sacrificed to profit dollars…again…and in a new way.

The Olive oil industry first has to drive down the probability of you ever finding the original, legitimate studies that prove that Olive Oil is no healthier to arteries than any other liquid fat or saturated fat. To do that, they will have to encourge hundreds of studies that appear to be steeped in science when, in fact, they will be mere distraction from the the true issue of long-term morbidity and mortality from consuming Olive oil. The search engines will be so inundated with meaningless studies about Olive oil that you will never find the original studies proving the dangers of all fats, including Olive oil. It’s going to be an information war between the big money machine and you…and it has already begun.

Just remember: Olive oil, like any other liquid or solid fats, does nothing to prevent strokes and other disastrous coronary events after 5 years or so. In other words, in the true long run, your health is better served by avoiding all forms of fats.

Fat is fat. Your arteries give you no free ride, just because one form of liquid fat is called, “Olive oil”. Your arteries, brain, organs, especially your sex organs, hate dietary sources of fat…all fat.

Yahoo NEWS reported on Jan. 22, 2016, that Researchers from the University of Granada in Spain reported that vegetables “…cooked in olive oil saw an increase in fat content and a reduction in moisture, something not seen in other cooking methods…”

Instead of measuring the long-term impact of Olive oil on long-term coronary health and coronary events, as in BEYOND 5 years, this particular study is garnering headlines because it adds a bit of Phenols to fried vegetables. Then, from there, writers have a free-for-all imagining that, because of the phenols, frying in Olive oil must bestow all manner of health benefits. This is such craziness that one has to question who can think of such outrageous notions where your health is at stake?!

Keep your sea legs beneath you. Don’t fall for the potential con. To help protect you from such misinformation, merely use our search box and simply type into our search box  “Olive oil”  to see references to help keep your mind clear and focused.

Olive oil is as damaging to your long-term health, damaging to your arteries, heart, brain, and other organs, as is any other saturated fat.

The true test would have been to study the long-term impact, five to 10 years, comparing healthy forms of cooking those vegetables to cooking in Olive oil. Studies already prove that, even after just one year, Olive oil is no different than any other fat once it gets into arteries of animals, even your arteries.

Analogy: this Spanish study of frying in Olive oil to gain a possible tiny nutritional advantage is much like arguing about which size pants to wear to slow one’s descent after jumping off a 100-story tall building. Even if one pair did slow the descent by one or two miles per hour, it’s the collision with ground at hundreds of miles per hour that matters most and that will kill the jumper. The pants do nothing to remove the ultimate danger. Frying in Olive oil does nothing to remove the ultimate danger of Olive oil, like any fats, in one’s diet.

STAY AWAY FROM ALL FORMS OF FATS including Olive Oil, even if nutritionists argue, “…but it is part of the Mediterranean diet.”.