Below you will find an overview of each of the emerging niches/industries in the marijuana market space. Some may be early investments that may provide exceptional opportunities to acquire great wealth.

Almost every big investment opportunity had a period of time when companies moved sideways at low prices before breaking out and racing upwards. This may be a good time to sit up and take note of these niches. Before you do, let’s take a quick look back in history. Each of these companies could have been had at ridiculously low prices, compared to where they maxed out:

  • Mosaic, (1993), is one such example. The invention of that browser made people rich and it created the single-most important tool to cause the internet to explode with users and opportunities. Investors with foresight became rich. Others expressed regrets and lamented a missed opportunity.
  • Microsoft, (1975),  invented a user-friendly way, (BASIC then MS-DOS),  to use computers. Investors with foresight became rich. Others expressed regrets and lamented a missed opportunity.
  • Apple, (1976),  popularized the GUI, (Graphical User Interface), making the world of technology and the Internet of Things what we know it today. It went on to revolutionize the portable tape player and  the cell phone. Investors with foresight became rich. Others expressed regrets and lamented a missed opportunity.
  • GOOGLE, AMAZON, DELL, HP, and many more…Investors with foresight became rich. Others expressed regrets and lamented a missed opportunity.

You don’t have to smoke it to enjoy it!

Talk to your FINANCIAL PLANNER to learn if this timing is good for you, especially if you want to jump into the Canadian marijuana investment space before Canada legalizes recreational marijuana by the fall of 2018. Get professional advice, especially if you are not proficient with investing.



This, of course, is the biggest opportunity and one that everyone thinks of. So, yes, there are many companies in this space that are worthy of considering, especially at this time, (April 2018), when there are very strong mixed feelings among investment experts who debate company values currently being by some measures,  low, and by other measures, outrageously high. This is why you need to talk to a financial planner before jumping into any one particular company.


Though some people are aware of this space, there is much that is going on that is of interest. There are some hidden gems awaiting us as medical marijuana, (“Cannabis” without the hallucination and high), gains momentum. Anecdotally, we hear of magic happening. Yet. some studies are beginning to emerge regarding medical cannabis applications for epilepsy, breaking opioid addiction, pain relief, control of anxiety, and much more…without all the negative, dangerous side effects of today’s pharmaceuticals currently used to treat these chronic diseases.

Companies participating in medical Cannabis research and sales may offer some beefy opportunities for wealth building. Your financial planner may help to pinpoint some of today’s most exciting ones.


Testing equipment, processes, and laws will be needed to determine if car drivers or employees are stoned. Did you know there is an entire industry being shaped around this very niche?

Companies are exploring testing mechanisms from testing saliva, to blood testing, and even to testing one’s breath. Companies that develop, (read: invent), the most convenient, the most reliable, the lowest-cost testing mechanisms, will prosper beyond our wildest dreams…and so, too, will their investors, provided, of course, all other factors are equal, such as a good management team that can deploy smart management of finances. That is why you want to also talk to your financial planner. There’s much to consider with startups and young companies, young management, embarking on an emergent technology growth curve.


To produce medical grade cannabis, (marijuana), the kind that has the medicinal benefits without the stoner high, the medical segment depends on companies that have mastered EXTRACTION technologies. Companies will need extraction technologies that will produce the highest quality product at the lowest possible costs.

Some extraction companies in this niche may already have solid and increasing revenue streams from an existing customer base in companies manufacturing products outside of the marijuana market space: chemical manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, alternate fuels companies, beverage companies, and even packaged food companies.

The need for continuously improved, low-cost, high-quality extraction technology is just about everywhere. But it will be especially in demand and especially interesting in the medical marijuana market space.


This just might become one of the biggest opportunities to emerge from within the overall marijuana market space. Millions of acres of marijuana growing fields will generate millions of pounds of agricultural waste. Where are they going to put all that waste? Growers will have to manage their agricultural waste.

There will be major investment opportunities around each aspect of waste management: REDUCTION, RE-USE, RE-CYCLE. Companies will be offering plenty of innovative solutions in each of these phases. More so, plenty more innovations will be required to meet the likely growing stringent regulations go conservation and protection of natural resources such as water supplies.


As more competitors come into this space each producer will be challenged to optimize crop quality in the shortest amount of growing time possible. They will need to use PLENTY OF FERTILIZER. This smells, (pardon the pun), of opportunity! Keep an eye on those big fertilizer companies. They may have plenty of growth left in them if the capture the king-of-the-mountain position in the marijuana space, and especially if they do so globally.


Can marijuana plants be GENETICALLY MODIFIED  to meet the needs of producers?  If so, then there will be a huge demand for GMO technology. Producers of weed, may need some help to grow plants of consistent high quality, that grow faster and that survive insect and fungus infestations better. GMO just might have a perfect fit in the marijuana growing industry.

And, this, just in…President Trump to protect states which already have legalized marijuana. Now, watch those Canadian and American marijuana company stocks take off!!

The trend is unstoppable and is only just beginning. What you do next may make the difference between enjoying increased wealth or expressing regret with 20:20 hindsight, “If only I had invested in…I’d be rich today”.

Talk to your financial planner.